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The best decisions you can make in the New Year

The best decisions you can make in the New Year

Arrival of a new year is often associated with changes in our lives. In addition to those to which we can not influence, there are also those who own, different behavior and the proper attitude, we can challenge.

Reduce the intake of refined CARBOHYDRATE
White bread, white sugar and candies contain simple sugars. After their use, the body of the pump a large amount of insulin in order to get into the sugar our cells. The level of sugar in the body due this fall, there is a feeling of fatigue, and all the sugar from these foods to which insulin is not able to handle turns into a fat-and usually the abdomen. Record flour and white sugar and may lead to serious disease-polycystic ovary syndrome, diabetes, or heart disease. On the other hand, well-controlled blood sugar levels, giving us plenty of energy, make us slim and healthy. Instead rafined need to use complex carbohydrates, and whole grains. They are the main source of fiber, keep our energy on filing level and contribute to our well-being. To a feeling of satisfaction is due to the secretion of serotonin, which comes from the amino acid tryptophan. Hint: For a start, to get accustomed to the taste of whole corn, mix white rice or pasta with whole grains. But even with the consumption of whole grains, do not overdo it. The U.S. Department of Agriculture points out that the consumption of cereals increased by 50 percent. Any one integrated or refined cereal grass that make up a quarter of our plates. Other carbohydrates must be saved from the fruits and vegetables that should be half of our frills.

Let's start with strength training
Despite the belief that men prefer gym, strength training is recommended and the fairer sex. Weightlifting frees women fat on the stomach, protects them from heart disease and cancer. Dame because of a lack of testosterone have less muscle mass than men, but the trainings that can make up for the lack. Exercise accelerates metabolism and promotes burning calories even after the workout. It should be noted that physical activity is a great way to combat stress. Research shows that people with high muscle mass have a lower blood pressure during tense situations. Council: Three to four times a week to lift weights. Start with lighter weight, and eventually increase the amount of weight and enhance the intensity of exercise.

Pay attention to how much time sedentary
In case you are not informed, seating is very harmful. Adults who sit 11 hours or more per day exhibited a 40 percent greater chance of dying in the next three years compared to those who sat fewer than 4 hours per day, according to a survey conducted over 200 thousand people in the American Archives of Internal Medicine. Hint: The solution is active sitting. On a chair in your office set up a workout that cha make you sit up straight. We do not recommend you to demonstratively leave the job and have to walk whenever you can, every break at work to make the walk. And when you get home sitting is strictly prohibited.

AVOID soda
taste of carbonated drinks is alluring, but their drink very harmful. One study in people who daily drank two or more soft drinks during the nine tests were conducted recorded an increase in waist circumference of 5 inches more than the person who threw the juices from the food. Hint: Sodas replace healthier drinks, tea with antioxidants is great choice.  

Do not smoke even occasionally
Many people find justification for the occasional cigarette smoking, arguing that such smoking is less harmful effects from taking an active nikotn. However, every cigarette is bad for the body. Women who enjoy the occasional cigarette smoke live on average six years less than those who are genuinely non-smokers. Just one cigarette reduces arterial flow by as much as 25 percent. Smoking leads to herpes, hepatitis and tuberculosis. Hint: The most important thing is to stop looking at themselves as non-smokers. Changes trip will result in leaving this vice. If you notice that smoking is associated with some other activity, such as taking a certain beverage, fix and that their habits.

Reduce the intake of sodium chloride,
sodium chloride, except in the salt found in large quantities in commercially produced foods because it is used to enhance the flavor substances lurking in all restaurants and Ney large intake leads to hypertension, heart disease, stomach cancer, weak bones, water retention and bloating. Hint: burn attention to the amount of sodium choride in foods you buy. When you prepare the food yourself, reduce the proportion of salt. Over time you will get used to less salty meals.

Do not skip meals
Whenever I skip some meals during the day, your blood sugar level drops, so grows the need for sweets. Trap you are heading after avoiding breakfast will cause the day you consume sugary drinks and calorie snacks. Hint: Eat every three to four hours, sounds like an obligation? However, it is not hard to get meals for several days, hard-boiled eggs in your refrigerator are an excellent choice for breakfast. Always handy, you can have fruit or almonds for snacking.

No hyperactive
stress is extremely dangerous for the health of your body. Headache, reduced immunity, damaging the heart and causes premature aging and wrinkles. Women more often than men 'voting stress. One in four Americans is exposed to extreme stress. If you belong to those who struggle daily with the tension and anxiety, reduce stress levels, do the right thing for your health.
Tip: Control your stress levels. You can do this and if you learn to say no whenever it suits you. Make a schedule of commitments. Take a yoga class, slow deep breathing relaxes the body, reduces blood pressure and stress will free you.

Focus on your goals
Resarch has shown that the results obtained with greater ease if the proper exercise schedule. The brain has limitations and our The concentration decreases. So it is better to do three sessions a week, but an hour to run the bar, the reason for this is that the latter activity is often interrupted. By using shorter interval ABIC concentrated and willing to exercise. Hint: the trainings of shorter duration and higher intensity with excellent effects and does not lag behind the results of long painstaking exercise which often give up just because of a problem to focus on them all the time.

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