Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Murinjo of crying, Venger on Penalty Shootout

Inflammatory statements manager of Arsenal and Celsius after tonight's derby as part of the 17th rounds of Premier League, where there was no winner - 0:0, reports "Mozart sport."

The long-awaited showdown Arsenal Celsius and is disappointed not seen a single goal, and it was a lot more interesting after the game but during his lifetime. Managers Arsène Wenger and Zoze Murinjo have tried to stir public statements yet.

Murinjo did not hide that he is satisfied with one point and the fact that even after the tenth skirmishes with Venger has not suffered a defeat. Rivals is pecnuo for details when Arsenal players sought exclusion of Mikel Arteta due to start over.
"They love to cry. It has already become a tradition. English football players like Lampard Frenk never want to provoke so, while some of the players, especially some zemalaj it simply in the blood. If the opponent sometimes aggressive, just continue to play. This is an English football. Soccer is a game for men, and for some women with the right attitude. This is a game where contact is a normal thing. I think the judge did a good job, "said Murinjo in his own style.

On the remark that he criticized supporters songs of the 'Chelsea', he replied:
"Well, is somewhat boring. The tenth time I play against them again and I have not lost. We had control of the game. We let Arteta that divides harmless girdles left, right. Both teams wanted the victory, but both were afraid of defeat, because one thing is to be two points behind the leaders on the table, and quite another if you're late and you lose five points. "

On the other hand, Arsène Wenger is not satisfied with one point. He believes that his team deserved the victory.
"It's to win! They came to defend themselves and to try to catch us on a counter-attack. We were a little grip in the first half, but in the second part of the game we took control and had to win. Also, he was one hundred percent penalty against Volkotom when it is Aspilikueta charges. I do not know why the judge did not play. "

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