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CONFESSIONS OF A former ballerina: Fearing not to gain weight I vomited eight times a day

CONFESSIONS OF A former ballerina: Fearing not to gain weight I vomited eight times a day

A former member of the Canadian National Ballet, Kathleen Rea ten years has struggled with bulimia. The former ballerina who is dancing dealt with since I was ten years in the fourteenth suffering from eating disorders. Too much pressure to keep the slim line led to the fact that Kathleen vomited eight times a day.

Her case is not alone among ballerina. According to Kathleen Ree half of the students in her class was faced with some form of bulimia or anorexia.

- I played 40 hours a week. I tried to keep lost weight by ballet companies require. They have to have larger breasts than the other girls and that they should lose weight. In the end I looked too thin, like I'm on the verge of death-she told Kathleen. Explaining why she chose ballet, she discovered that the reason was the desire to control because her life before the dance was a complete mess. The pursuit of control over life events led to the control diet. - My commitment to ballet evolved from my love of dance, from my desire to gain control over their lives. When my parents divorced, it was a mess. The strict rules of ballet consisted of achievable set of ideals, was the magic recipe that will do everything correctly-biit said Kathleen.

Ma'am Rea had their own ways to cope with too much pressure. Unfortunately, very wrong. She had been taking large amounts of cakes, ice cream and other sweets, and then make all the food eaten and vomited.
Kathleen, who is now 42 years old, at one point decided to seek professional help, and soon after the start of therapy, gained a few pounds. Although she was convinced that the new look will not influence the career dancers, National Ballet of managers felt differently. Kathleen was told she was too fat and would embarrass the whole nation if there is to be able to enter the scene. Five weeks later she was fired.

After leaving the National Ballet, the artist sought help from a therapist who helped her to beat bulimia and to feel comfortable in your body.

- Gradually, I was more able to focus on their life-recalls she said.
former ballerina decided to go back to school, graduated, and then received a master's degree in art.
42 yar Kathleen Rea is now working as a therapist, helping people suffering from depression, trauma, anxiety and disbalans habits. One of the methods of its work is the study of people to easily express themselves through performance.

She wrote the book "Dance to heal," in which she described her struggle with bulimia and how to beat the disease. In his autobiography he gave advice to all ballerinas
-There is a rule in the ballet that requires you to participate in rigorous competitions, where they receive a variety of injuries, your fingers bleed, you have very little to eat and keep dancing. You are not weak if you care about yourself, about your body if you eat healthy, be who you are-declared Kathleen.

Although she recovered from problem claims that the disease has left traces. Constant vomiting her broken tooth enamel, and occasionally has pain in the joints. She also believes that the disease is damaged and its fertility. However, no fatal consequences.
- I had to have a son by artificial insemination, it is difficult to say whether the long-term bulimia contributed to it, similar is certainly possible-said Kathleen Rea.

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