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Take a walk - you will be healthier

Take a walk - you will be healthier

Take this mini-vacation to be more out there. Walk, preferably around noon, when the most light, a general practitioner at the health center "Sail".

Many this year will connect New Year and Christmas holidays and get a solid mini-vacation. However, a lot of free time in the winter is often reduced to a much laziness, sitting and sleeping, as the generous and strong food, what we eat in the winter, health in general not before. A study of the American Cancer Society, which says that the more you sit, the less time we spend on this planet, it sounds scary, but it is what it is.
therefore listen to advice general practitioner at the health center, "sail" in Belgrade.

Dry air is not a good
avoid, whenever possible, stay indoors and too hot rooms where the air is dried. In such an environment, respiratory mucosa becomes dried, and are particularly vulnerable throat, nose and throat. That dried mucosa is subject to inflammation. This is one of the reasons that those who are "saved" from the cold and go out to get more cough sore throat.
Od air dried hurt the skin, which becomes fragile, begins to itch and tingle. This is especially true for people who normally have dry skin, but are not immune to those who have sworn that they previously had a problem with oily skin. Dry air can disrupt and tear film on the eye, which is manifested as discomfort and burning sensation in the eyes. To avoid all this, regularly ventilate the air and humidity. Place the bowl on the radiator with water or damp towels.

Unlike chronic diseases, which should not come out of the house when the air temperature drops below freezing, healthy people in cold weather should not look for an excuse to get out abstention. On the contrary, every day should walk at least half an hour as they stroll beneficial for the body, especially the heart and blood vessels.
Walkman accelerates blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. The walk is best to go out when it is hottest when there is no rainfall and wind. It should take into account the physical capabilities of the body. That means - Take a break when you feel tired.
If you decide that something you practice, make sure you do not overdo it. Body more before the daily brief physical activity of moderate intensity but exhausting exercises from time to time.

winter day is short, it's cold, so we were more prone to depression. That greatly contributes to the lack of sunlight, to which we are used to, and reduced physical activity. Light passing through the optic nerve to the brain, stimulates a number of biochemical processes, including the production of serotonin, a hormone that brings peace of mind and alertness. The lack of small and light means serotonin, melatonin and more, which is secreted in the dark. The increase in melatonin, a hormone called dream for most people causes fatigue, sluggishness, lethargy and depression.
Enemies depression vitamins, especially the B group, especially B9, then vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids, physical activity, it is best walk, and about noon, when the most light. And another thing - Walking choose a good company.

To celebrate a virus spreads
Respiratory infections occur throughout the year, but more in the cold winter months. Most common of them are caused by viruses and they are transmitted via droplets. The likelihood of the spread of the virus is higher in enclosed spaces, which are meeting more people, so that the holidays carry enhanced risk of infection, which is transmitted by kissing, sneezing, coughing, sharing objects.
touching your eyes, nose or mouth after contact with infected subject enhances the likelihood of infection. What we can do is to avoid contact with infected persons, then take preventive preparations of zinc, which has been shown to strengthen the immune system of the organism, the fruit is rich in vitamin C, multivitamins. And drink plenty of fluids, especially water and teas.

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