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Through dreams you important messages arrive - learn how to interpret them

Through dreams you important messages arrive - learn how to interpret them

No meaningless dreams though those who dream them seem trivial. It happens that such dreams to carry a very important message. Dreams are input in the human unconscious. They help him to correct his erroneous views of consciousness.

Should rejoice dreams because they contain solutions to our problems and concerns. But, getting to know their dreams and therefore the unconscious part of the personality, is not easy. It's a question of courage and personal integrity. Freud argued that each of us knows the true meaning of each dream, I just do not know know why I think he does not know. Jung wrote to each of us there is someone you do not know. The other story our way again to see us differently than we see ourselves. And when we find ourselves at an impasse, the other can help to change attitudes, to which we said San, who led us in a difficult situation.

"Language of Dreams" is not a language you understand. This is the "forgotten" language and we have to re-learn. Interpret dreams means to decipher the hidden secrets of their simbol.Ali no universal symbols. Meybe snake in different dreams the dreamer does not have the same meaning. It becomes meaningful only in the context of the whole dream as well as in the context of other symbols in the dream, living situations sliper including his other dreams, that is, the series. So ...
- If you dream of a snake, you should immediately refer to the dictionary symbols of what it means, but, in addition to the accurate description of the snake to be given a private association, what you have dreamed of a snake means YOU. So, snakes, and all other symbols no fixed meaning, but should ask yourself what you can learn from a snake in your dream. Therefore what you can compromise, it is clear that she has the wisdom and coolness exactly what you probably missing

- Then move to the general, the archetypal symbolism of snakes. Looking for parallels in fairy tales, myths and legends. It is not always necessary because the individual meanings of the symbols snakes in a dream can fully satisfy his message

- Collected material from the previous two steps is worthless if it is not put into the context of the whole dream and your life situations, including those dreams that make up this series with a dream

- If in a dream you have complex symbols, such as for example the snake with the head of the fox, it is each of them separately and then interpreted and integrated (eg a woman who dreamed of a snake with the head of the fox (the snake is in this symbolized her mother as Due to its negative attitude towards the figure of the mother).
Her subconscious is not satisfied in that the mother appears as "cold snake" has already been pointed out, and its "fox mark."
After interpreting the dream of women a while to calm down which indicated that it was not appropriate further archetypal interpretation of sleep (when dreams are interpreted by professionals)

Have great significance and pun in my dreams. Example: The woman dreams of one image - Napoleon in the distance as it passes. On the eve of a dream she had an argument with his wife and was not clear who was to blame. While working on a dream, the conclusion was that NAPOLEON is a pun in Napa ME LEON (the name of her husband). That is deciphered who was to blame for the fight.

Run the Dream Book
In contrast to the scientific interpretation of dreams, Dream Book tend towards simplification and stereotype, do not take into account the ambiguity of symbols dream always have individual meaning. Not care whether the wine dream scientist or an alcoholic, provided scientist is not an alcoholic. Let us start with a simple example: when a dream ring, dream interpretation is not enough to look at the Dream Book and Dictionary symbols and see what that symbol means. You need to find out what the feelings aroused in the ring dreamer, as the ring looks like, where it belongs, whether it gives a dreamer or he got it under any circumstances ... If we add the fact that all words must fit in with the overall atmosphere of dream and other symbols in it, in a series of dreams, it is quite clear why the interpretation of dreams by Dream Book unacceptable.

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