Friday, December 27, 2013

As you tour the pounds during the holidays

As you tour the pounds during the holidays

The holidays are a "red zone" for weight. Danger lurks everywhere, these days no shortage of goodies, but you carefully select the menu that you do not change the dress size. We bring you tips fitness professionals how to malt, and not overdo it with calories.

È STROM (coach Jessica Biel, Britney Spears, Blake Lively)
New Year's dinner or luncheon is just one meal. Treat yourself, but concentrate only on that one meal. Do not stretch all specialties in three weeks or a whole day eating all sorts of calorie meals. Try the home-made products and custom made ​​cakes. They are worth the extra calories, but do not overeat and snack chips.

Harl PASTERNAK (Coach Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Katy Perry and Rihanna)
Parkirajkte at least three blocks away from where the scheduled dinner. When you put it on the plate shall remain one of the blank, and better ispajte several times. Put deliberately dress, pants, blouse, which is narrower at the waist to quickly fill the stomach and immediately stop humping food.

MANDI Ingber (yoga instructor Jennifer Aniston and Helen Hunt)
My trick is to always eat only local produce. This automatically eliminates the variety of dishes and foods, narrows and saves calories.

BERNARDO Coppola (coach Matthew Morrison)
Enjoy the day of the feast, but immediately the next morning back to the old nutritional habits. It's pure psychology. It's okay to push the boundaries a little while, but know that it's not your style. Also, istrenirajte harder and longer training.

ANDREA Orbeck (fitness consultant Heidi Klum)
Modify menu. Instead of heavy and calorie dressings using yogurt, lemon, sugar and cream. Just a scoop of mayonnaise that you do not eat can be a significant "saving" calories.

DAVID KIRŠ (wellness expert who is working with Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler)
No izgladnjujte during the holidays. Eat small meals throughout the day. One is a protein shake. For lunch prepare a hard-boiled egg. Metabolism has to stay the same, and not to slow down.

FRED DeVito (creator of fitness programs Exhale)
If you're starving, you can not rationally choose what you are going to j Edet, pretovarićete and eventually you will not even enjoy the food, and you will not even feel good. Užinajte before going to lunch or dinner, just so you do not go on an empty stomach. Instead of alcoholic and soft drinks, drink water - and it will be saving calories.

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