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10 tricks to facilitate the fight against pound

10 tricks to facilitate the fight against pound

Beginning of the year is usually the time when we decide for the child and changes in eating habits. No matter how much they want to improve the appearance, sometimes we find it difficult to adhere to the new rules. There are tricks that make our struggle with excessive weight. We present you some of them.

Make plans
Plan your meals and make a list before you go shopping. This will reduce your costs and help you resist the temptation, and you will not be difficult to work around the chocolate shop and soda.

Be careful with portion sizes
Note the amount of food you eat during a meal. You do not have to eat everything that is on your plate. Equally important as the serving size is and its contents, so keep in mind two things at each breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Regular intake of food
frills spacing of 3 to 5 hours will keep your appetite under control. Do not broken to help starving to lose weight. On the contrary, it will have quite the opposite effect because it will make to overeating.

Chew each bite
chewing affects the appetite to digest food. If you eat fast, you will feel discomfort in the abdomen. In lost, a meal will last longer and you will enjoy every store, and you will be surprised richness of flavor.

Some holidays are behind us, and some of us are still ahead, some on your holiday table a festive turkey, walnuts and dark chocolate. They are an excellent source of antioxidants and protein provides the energy necessary. In addition to a great solution for those that dieters. With their food and the holidays become real allies.

Water is essential
Hidrataciy helps us to think more clearly and feel more energetic. When we are dehydrated, we become tired and nervous. Whenever you feel thirsty is a sign that there was dehydration. That's why getting enough fluids during the day, drink a few hours before bedtime, and in addition to their beds Always keep a glass of water.

Learn to say NO
It's okay to say no to their vices. That does not mean you have to give up all to enjoy, but to have them measure.

Get some sleep
when you are tired, easier to reach for a sandwich and a cup of coffee that you quickly provide energy. Avoid to go to bed late in the evening or enter koein, and you will feel much more rested in the morning. There are foods that will help you fall asleep easily, these are all foods rich in calcium that trigger the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for regulating sleep. Calcium combined with magnesium relaxes nerves and muscles, and are integrated with banana biscuit or yogurt with muesli a good choice.

Control the level of STRESS
The choice of food affected by stress and negative. So avoid those low-calorie and obsessive child. Find ways to relax.

fish oil, nuts and green leafy vegetables should be included in the du your diet. They will provide you with iron, protein and omega 3 fatty acids that will make you relaxed and ready to perform tasks.

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