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How to deal with depressive thoughts

How to deal with depressive thoughts

Only people who suffer from some form of depression know how hard it is to gain control over emotions and resist the urge to get close to the world of solitude.

Only people who suffer from some form of depression know how hard it is to gain control over emotions and resist the urge to get close to the world of solitude.
What is certain, is that people who are struggling with depression should not stay alone, not only because of the self-destructive tendencies, but also the fact that as soon as you are lonely, with depression becomes deeper and harder to get out of it. In fact, one of the main characteristics of depression is to avoid any social contact, to the extent that a person has no need for any interaction with the closest people and even pets. In addition, some are left to excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs, and food.
Depression varies from person to person, but common to all is that negative behavior that can worsen the condition, which makes it difficult to exit from this vicious circle. So, with the help of a doctor and a psychiatrist and prescribed anti-depressants, it takes self-help, and the help of the immediate environment.

To withdrawal
One of the main characteristics of clinical depression is withdraw themselves and end of all social contacts, exclusion from life. Even if im to be extremely difficult, people who are struggling with depression, at that point should be just the opposite. Social contact reduces stress brain, which always increases the initial symptoms.
What to do? try to explain and prepare your family and closest friends on the problem of depression that you have and explain how they can help you, when you are in the next episode. Let them encourage activities and social contacts, and organize their own activities not to be missed.

Negative thoughts
are one of the most prominent component of depression is rumination, that is, the obsession some events, phenomena, metaphysical questions, ideas, fears that lead to even deeper sinking into depression. Rumination may occur as a result of the events of the depressed person is wrong, or negatively interpreted. When people are clinically depressed, a lot of time to spend just in negative thoughts or ruminations.
What to do? attention to the positive activities - happy reading books, watching comedy, positive social engagement.

"Drowning" in alcohol
search for solace and a way out of depression in alcohol and / or drugs, one of the most common paths chosen by people suffering from clinical depression. Specifically, alcohol and drugs currently numb feelings such as fear, anxiety, apathy and so on ... Except that the alcohol and the drug per se harmful, can adversely affect the anti-depressant tablets somewhat unpredictable and cause chemical reactions in the body, which may deteriorate, and does not improve things.
What to do? Talk to your doctor who can help not only in treating depression, but also problems with alcohol and drugs.

Leaks activities in which they normally enjoy, such as exercise or a hobby, is associated largely with the avoidance of social contact, but again can be seen as a separate problem, which depends on the activity. Of course, in a state of depression, you should just continue with the activities that you enjoy and that you are pleased at. It is essentially a depression paradox. The body is capable of all the physical activities, but the brain just does not give the body the signals to move.
What to do? Seek help from family and friends or for example personal trainer who will encourage the activities that you would normally work. For example, hire a personal trainer for sports ...

"Overdose" Sugar
Many people are in a bad mood when reaching for food, especially sweets, and not the people who are suffering from depression. The body in these moments of longing for sugar and carbohydrates. A sudden increase in blood sugar can cause the effect of instant satisfaction, but when blood sugar drops, you return back to the initial state.
What to do? Try treats that have a low glycemic index and those that are, for example. rich cocoa (65 percent more). Unfortunately, many that can not be met.

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