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Prostate male affliction, female trouble

Prostate male affliction, female trouble

Does it go to the toilet NIGHT
In men aged 45-50 years, symptoms usually first detected wives and force them to seek help, adding that the young men psychologically difficult to deal with the disease. This makes it difficult to treat, and in these cases support the girls or wives immeasurable. They are considered to be our source is very important as controllers because they are much more conscientious when it comes to taking the therapy, a man will feel as improvement, to reject drugs.

To be helpful, a woman must know how to recognize the symptoms and to learn about hygiene and dietary life style that is applied after curing the infection.

Referring to complaints that indicate inflammation of the prostate, extracts frequent urination, three, four times during the night, difficulty in urination, burning and pain.

inflammation may indicate a change in potency, premature ejaculation, and rarely sterility. For sterility man usually suspected when a woman in a long marriage can not become pregnant, and much younger than her husband, even 10 or more years.

Inflammation, says a doctor treated twice. Antibiotics are cured cause inflammation, and parallel with them to use products for strengthening local and general immunity. It is very important and the application of appropriate hygienic-dietary regime.

Antibiotic treatment usually takes two to three weeks, while the hygienic-dietary regime conducted a lifetime. If the patient does not follow the advice, problems can then be restored.

- After curing the inflammation of the prostate should avoid spicy, sour, salt, soda and cold. It is necessary to drink tea, and Uva, parsley, nettle, cranberry, birch, horsetail and corn silk. It is best to drink a mixture of two, three tea for seven days.

Make love, it helps
very important that you get enough fluids, and that means at least two liters every day. It is recommended that a glass of red wine after dinner.

elderly men, our source, and prevention of prostate cancer, it is advisable to regularly take fresh or ground tomatoes because they contain lycopene, an ingredient that beneficially affects the prostate.

's also important to take five meals a day, of which two should be fruit, and it is preferred that the last meal of the day is entered three hours before bedtime.

- Twice a week to eat fish, but not fried and is recommended for the morning, linseed, propolis drops or preparations based on zinc. Otherwise, after curing the inflammation of the prostate patients are recommended regular sexual intercourse, three to four times a week, with a special attention should be paid to hygiene before and after sex. After ejaculation compulsory urination.

Bacteria main culprits
Inflammation of the prostate usually cause an infection caused by bacteria that are transmitted through sexual intercourse without protection. Because young men advised that in the beginning, while your partner is not familiar enough, be sure to use a condom.

- promiscuity certainly contributes to more frequent infections, usually gram-negative bacteria, chlamydia, ureaplasma and mycoplasma.

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