Sunday, December 29, 2013

Men experienced the pain of labor

Men experienced the pain of labor

Two Dutch leaders decided to experience contractions that every woman has to labor to prove that women are the weaker sex and that's why it so hard to cope with pain during childbirth.

In his show "guinea pigs" Dennis Storm and Valerio woman doing all kinds of crazy things, and in the past have chosen to experience the pain of labor. They went to a clinic in the Netherlands, where using electrical stimulation can feel how much everyone really hurts labor.
Even if the simulation takes only two hours, unlike real labor that can take two days, both of them have concluded that this is one of the most painful experiences that they had.

Before starting the experiment both with derision asked the nurses whether they may scream and curse as they do women. I have laughed when they nurse said it was guaranteed.

As with the right delivery, set off with a mild contractions, the pain of which the two of them hide the laughter.
But when has it been a while and when they started the pain of contractions before the birth, the two of them were screaming, jumping and pressing her pillow.
In the end we both agreed that the whole experience just to torture and wondered whether they want their women go through such an experience.

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