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Caution! Claus raises blood pressure

Caution! Claus raises blood pressure

Any fluctuation of the ambient temperature badly affects the health of chronically ill patients, and thus the person suffering from high blood pressure.

Bitter cold, cardiology specialist and head of the Department of Hypertension, Clinical Center of Serbia, significantly worsens symptoms in elderly patients who pride suffer from coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.
- hypertensives cold, winter weather does not agree with, because then there is a narrowing of the blood vessels and the blood pressure jump. Increasing pressure largely patron and improper diet, or salty and greasy meals, what dominate our tables during the winter - says our interlocutor.

Beware of severe frost
She says those who suffer from high blood pressure to a maximum refrain from consuming these foods, and the dried meat, sauerkraut and pickle forget because in these major food preservative salt, and it leads to an increase in pressure values.
this category patient and doctor advised to be sure to contact the selected doctor to help them, if necessary, changed therapy.
- The usual dose of medication is usually not sufficient when large temperature changes occur when the body needs to adapt to new weather conditions. However, patients do not need to work on their own, but only on the recommendation of a physician - Dr. Tay says and adds that winter often leads to stroke and heart attack because of the higher values ​​of arterial blood pressure.

Not war for
patients who suffer from hypertension must be kept strong frost, so it would be good to avoid moving out in the morning and evening hours when temperatures are lowest.
This does not mean you should not do to go out.
contrary. Walk feels good to them, but only if it is not too cold and not walk too fast.
- It's best to walk around noon, when the warmest, and to a moderate speed - the doctor advises.
walk to the need to dress in layers. Hat, gloves and warm, waterproof shoes are required because the body through these parts of the body most easily loses temperature.
Fatigue can be dangerous, as well as carrying large loads, so it should be avoided.
Additionally, the doctor adds that hypertensives winter should eat more often and smaller portions, and to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, even frozen.
getting enough fluids is, says Dr Tay, means, and would be a day to drink at least two liters of plain water and unsweetened hot tea.

From headaches to vomiting
In severe pressure jump point:
• tinnitus
• unsteadiness when walking
• double vision, dizziness
• headache occipital, frontal or vertex
• irregular or rapid heartbeat
Sometimes the pressure jump accompanied by dizziness and nausea, and in case of complications, there may be a weakness, numbness or paralysis of the body, difficulty speaking, and other symptoms that indicate that the records are one of the most common such complication.

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