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How does happiness: joy at a Glance

How does happiness: joy at a Glance

What is happiness, the eternal question. It is difficult to define, easy to recognize. When the hail, he wants to come. When you are afraid, it is removed. Because you discover the formula that responds!

Avoiding dissatisfaction is associated with the desire to achieve maximum satisfaction. This condition scientists call "deep plus", and it is a durable, unruffled sense of comfort and complete deprivation of heavy feelings and dilemmas. However, the "deep plus" on a scale of satisfaction reduces a man's ability to cope in a crisis such as the death of a loved one, the loss of work, disconnecting etc.. As a result of this lack of power, there are depression and mental disorder.

When asked what it takes to be happy, they tried to respond by scientists at Harvard University. Based on 72 years of research came to the conclusion that happy feeling of people who have acquired higher education, devised a stable family and a good social relationships and connections. Feelings of happiness, hard, and enhances a healthy lifestyle that includes moderate physical effort.

good relationship between time spent in work and leisure time is one of the most important factors for feelings of self-satisfaction and life. Those who spend little time working are more dissatisfied than those who burn out on the job. Worst of all, the human psyche is that it does not work.

extroverted people on average are happier than introverted. Scientists think that this is so because extroverted have a greater need to spread around positive mood, which is associated with happiness.
True happiness is much deeper feeling of good cheer and comfort. It involves the ability of persons to maintain a balance between heavy and pleasant feelings, as well as the capacity to personal integrity remains intact in times of crisis.

If you are sad or depressed, go to nature. The sun will surely relax, and vitamin D, which occurs in the skin under the sunlight, it helps us to fight with melancholy. Spend at least 20 minutes a day outside, and if there is no sun, drink a vitamin D supplement.

4.5 grams
Chamomile is the simplest, cheapest and most effective medicine against melancholy and apathy. It is not known to have any adverse effects, and after two or three cups of tea world looks beautiful! In addition, winter feels everything is warm.

Happiness Index 1 to 10 *
Ekstrovert7 5
introvert 5.9

Happiness Index 1 to 10 *
Healthy family men 9.5
Professional achieved 8.2
Those who burn at work 4.1
materialists and careerists 3.8

faster One of the ways to get to the good mood is to exercise. Go for a run or to the gym every day for 45 minutes, then your body will release endorphins and anandamide, which affect the receptors in your brain and improve your mood immediately.

12 grams
Chocolate Express raises the level of serotonin, a hormone that improves mood. The beneficial effects are visible for several minutes after eating bars. Besides being happy, chocolate reduces the effects of stress, strengthens the heart, bones and muscles.

0.5 milligrams
Aromatherapy is another great way to relax and relieve the symptoms of depression and stress. Oil of bergamot, geranium, neroli and jasmine fastest uplifting. Just add a drop or two in the bath or in a lamp.

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