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Severe fate: She died waiting for organ and saved three lives after death

Severe fate: She died waiting for organ and saved three lives after death

Shoulder to shoulder with two best friends, Sara Wright, who was then suffering from an incurable disease, walked eight kilometers to raise awareness of the need for more organ donors.

This 36-year-old was taken four hours to complete charity walk by the picturesque confluence of the executive are, which is three hours longer than it should have other participants. When she got to the finish, the crowds gave her a thunderous applause of support. Otherwise, she has a donor card since his teenage days.
walk, during which the British Lung Foundation raised more than five thousand pounds, was organized by her 10-year-old son Harry. Sara also had a personal motive to participate in the walk, as it was already nine months on the transplant list for both lungs.

After two years of frequent lung infections and chronic cough, Sarah was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), with large amounts of collagen - the hard tissue located in the connective tissue - are deposited on the walls of the lungs, reducing their ability to contraction and expansion.

Disable transplant patients are between two and five years after diagnosis.

They were scary news for Sarah, an active young woman, mother of three children. From this disease in the UK die each year about five thousand men, and the causes are not clear, although it is considered that the main culprits are excessive smoking, gastroesophageal reflux disease and even disorder in the immune system.

Sara has lived every day hoping that the phone will ring and that she would announce that they had found a donor, despite the fact that there is a problem with donating right lung. In the UK last year was made ​​only 138 lung transplant, while a year do nearly two thousand kidney transplants.

Though fought bravely, health status is increasingly getting worse. In the end, she could not get out of bed, and was transferred to a hospital, to end of September, died after she was joined on the artificial lung after which it was no longer awake. Then her husband found out that her desire was not to keep alive on life support, and she wanted to donate his organs.

their two kidneys received the two young women who had been on dialysis for several years, a liver transplant is 50 - year-old man. Her father Steve says:
- We know that the three of us left the hospital and is recovering well.

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