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The more fruit's Eve

The more fruit's Eve

During the New Year holidays, all put on at least two pounds. In those days we physically most inactive and most eat mostly fatty foods and strong. If you do not want to gain weight, follow the advice of Mary, senior nutritionist-dietitian.

• Do not skip meals. The best is that during the day you have three main meals and two snacks as this will prevent the slowing basal metabolic rate.
• For snacks eat fresh fruit and snacks when you get married, eat two to three dried plums or figs. Various compotes and fresh squeezed citrus fruit juices without added sugar, you can drink unlimited quantities because they are a good source of vitamins and minerals. In addition, accelerate metabolism.
• and alcohol during the holidays should be drunk in moderation. It is best to eat the food because when you drink it on an empty stomach, causing a drop in blood sugar, and then followed by hunger pangs and overeating.
• During the holidays, at least for one day, do not sit at home and always something to eat, but exit with family and friends for a walk. You will surely have a great time if you come up with a common physical activity for at least 30 minutes.

Chicken is the healthiest
Serbian holiday table is unthinkable without baking. However, it should be noted that 100 grams of pork roast has 395 calories and as much as 31 grams of fat, which is too much for one meal. So instead of firing at the table bring out the chicken because it is the healthiest, and is also delicious. Chicken contains proteins of high biological value, and the most important thing is that when you save it, remove the skin because it is full of fat. Chicken is one of the low fat meat as 100 grams contains only 161 calories and six grams of fat.
- When baking discharged carcinogenic compounds, so that just one serving of baked meat contains the same amount of carcinogenic benzopyrenes as 20 cigarettes - says Mary, senior nutritionist-dietitian.

Vegetables to Russian salad
If you have decided to get into the holiday season is not indulging in hedonism and take care of a healthy diet, then the grilled vegetables with a young white cow's milk cheese ideal replacement for a Russian salad. The advantage of grilled vegetables is that it has a low calorific value and is rich in fiber, which are great for digestion. In addition, rapidly filling. However, to preserve the nutrients and vitamins, grilling should be as short as possible. If you just can not resist a Russian salad, eat a spoonful will not hurt you, but keep in mind that 100 grams of this delicacy contains 235 calories.

We all know how hard it is to resist the creamy, chocolate, fruit and all kinds of other cakes and cookies for them, although there is a very good substitute - delicious and healthy fresh and dried fruits. But even with him should not be exaggerated. Sufficient are three dried apricots, plums, figs and some fresh fruit.

SARMA, yes, but with Soja
Year holidays are unthinkable without the charm. Have a tasty but fatty and caloric. Because mince replace soya granules and oats which are a good source of protein and you have a healthy and tasty meal. She does not need a long time that boil in a saucepan, but it is better to bake it in the oven.
- If you like this charm does not seem quite delicious, the table summarize salad with fresh vegetables and grilled mushrooms, which are a great substitute for meat. Pour over the salad with a little olive oil and do not worry, you will not suffer from elevated triglycerides and cholesterol - advises Mary.

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