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The headache comes from the head

The headache comes from the head

The long-term psychotherapy practice it has been observed that the headache that no organic cause usually suffer mentally overstretched and emotionally unstable people, says psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Headache is one of the most common symptoms and problems in medicine. Psychologically speaking, it can be an expression of repressed feelings, but also the means by which we want to achieve something.
- The head can hurt because of repressed frustration and anger or as a physical expression of dim and unconscious anger. It can be a way of expressing the fear that we are not immediately felt. A good example of the people who caught a severe headache in front of important tasks, meetings, appointments. They probably paint failure, but it does not want to admit myself, so the fear is expressed indirectly - explains prof. Zoran Vojić, a psychiatrist and president of the Association of psychosomatic psychotherapy Serbia.

Dissatisfaction is detrimental
headache, he says, can cause dissatisfaction with oneself. Then she has a touch of self-punishment for failure. Many headache when something succeed or you do not show the desired release.
- One of the most important and common causes of headaches and feeling that we were Squeezed between their conflicting feelings and needs on the one hand and opportunities on the other. Narrowness of us on this occasion overwhelmed may find expression in physical pain - says our source.

Neighbor does not control
the headaches can try other people subordinate their will and to manage them. To all the celebrities that "headache" as they do not meet their requirements. Then it means blame and punishment of those who thwarted our demands and our will to resist.

If we want to be free, popularly speaking, headaches nerves, one where there is pain without organic cause, we need to seriously tackle its real causes. As a first step in that we have three typical portraits of personalities that bothers headaches, as well as tips for first aid.

People who have a pessimistic view of the world, those with low self-esteem and inferiority complexes typically suffer from frequent headaches. Problem headaches is even more pronounced if with such a person go and high moral criteria, aimed it at him any other.

Such people usually do not know how to deal with their feelings, repress them, and the accumulated internal problems and pressures manifested as frequent and strong headaches. Council : It is very important to work on raising self-esteem. When a man believes in himself, all running under load and with fear, and the fear and psychological inhibitions are more difficult problem than any job. This state of mind does not allow you to be creative, to show determination and resourcefulness. Try to become aware of the positive side of his personality. Focus of attention on their strengths and abilities. Have them safe, only so far you have not used.

Perfectionists essentially all driven out to the end because they were never happy with the result. They want more and more in all areas of life and therefore are not satisfied, emotionally unstable and pseudoprilagodljivi. They are to be accepted, act flexibly, but basically never give up their criteria and requirements. Expressed their conscience is quite rigid and hinders the realization of their desires and needs, as well as adapting to reality.
them for what is best is not acceptable, while not depart from the target than the possible complications and difficult choices they may have to make. I do not know how to distance and protect against environmental expectations. Tip : Make sure that the more you align your real opportunities with the need to be accepted. You do not need everyone to meet and do all the things that you think others expect of you. Ask yourself where you are at it all of you, what you want, what is truly important to you.

high ambitions combined with the inability to take criticism and immoderate need to gain praise and recognition necessarily gives rise to psychosomatic problems, primarily headache. However, if a man is this a psychological profile while located in a high position, in all its internal tensions grafted and real stress. Sense of responsibility associated with the real problems that these people typically exaggerate, creates internal pressure that can rezutirati acute psychosomatic disease, myocardial infarction, acute stroke, and in the worst case slowdown heart rate and loss of life. Tip : Try to express emotions in an appropriate and timely manner. Do not store response. Make sure that your anger is not directed to the innocent, and less close, but the one that you are really angry. Know that there are ways to safely channel negative emotions. Also, is not ashamed to show and one positive. If you cry, cry. There is knowledge that is crying at the right time one of naefikasnijih medication for stress and depression. Deeply repressed emotions can not disappear, but it usually comes back like a boomerang - in the form of physical pain and depression. Take care of your mental and physical health.

When a headache is a real illness
if you have any of the following symptoms, contact your doctor immediately:
• headache is not like the usual
• pain in the head accompanying disturbances in speech, movement of arms or legs, impaired balance, poor vision, confusion or memory loss
• headache unless you have fever, stiff neck, nausea or vomiting
• headache lasts more than 72 hours
• Pain can not alleviate the usual remedies that seem to help then

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