Thursday, January 20, 2011

World Health Organization has identified a new vitamin

GENEVA, 20 January 2011 (njuz) - World Health Organization (WHO, WHO), after extensive research during the holidays, announced the view that ethyl alcohol should be adopted for the vitamin.

- Alcohol is - explains Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General - a substance the human body can not synthesize and which in certain periods of time necessary for its proper functioning. Our studies over the past Christmas and New Year holidays has confirmed the suspicion that in this period, the man must have within itself a certain amount of alcohol to the body to function normally - says Chang.

Although the new vitamin, reaction to the medicine known him from before. Hypervitaminosis this vitamin leads to serious problems in the digestive system as well as to severe headache. Symptoms may persist, and a couple of days. Extremely can lead to disorders of motor function and short-term amnesia. Hypovitaminosis a significant impact on the psychological level of the individual.

On the other hand, people with a lack of vitamin D are often withdrawn, depressed and isolated from society. WHO has not yet found the name of a new vitamin. Speculated to be called the vitamin X as the name suggests C2H5OH affiliation with this substance the same group in which the vitamin C, which is not the case. If the changes proposed by the WHO to be adopted should expect to be in pharmacies in mid next year to find preparations of vitamin X.

Leading manufacturers of alcohol showed no interest in creating effervescent tablets or granules of a new vitamin and will, apparently, pharmacists have to sell it in the form of drinks. Ministry of Health of Serbia is still not announced on the occasion of the WHO announcement, while the public are most interested in Serbia whether the government allocate budget funds to reduce fees for the issuance of a new vitamin prescription.

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