Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The surrogate mother gave another daughter Nicole Kidmen

Actress Nicole Kidmen and of country singer Urban Kit received second daughter. Pregnancy is made a surrogate mother.

Thanks to a surrogate mother, who has made a pregnancy, actress Nicole Kidman and her husband of country singer Urban Kit, they got a second daughter.

As the happy couple announced, small Feith Margaret Kidmen Urban came on in the world still NeŇ°vilu 28th December 2010. They said they were "truly blessed" and thanked everyone for their support and, above all, "the woman who made a pregnancy".

She won the Oscar film awards Kit Urban already have a two year old daughter Sandej Rose. Kidman then said she was pregnant during filming of "Australia", when bathed in Australian lake Kununura, which supposedly encourages fertility.

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