Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vitamin B against Alzheimer's disease

Dementia in patients with Alzheimer's disease has been slowed by 30 percent and even up to 50 percent in those patients who received high doses of vitamins B6 and B12, as a dietary supplement, according to a study conducted by Oxford prod┼żekt (Oxford Project).

It has long been known that vitamin B and vitamin B-complex, followed by vitamins C and E may be useful in treating Alzheimer's disease, but there have been no systematic research.

According to a study of 186 people spent the Oxford Project, reducing the brain of patients with Alzheimer's disease slowed the 30 and up to 50 percent in those patients who received high doses of vitamin B or folic acid, B6 and B12 in the form of dietary supplements, reports the Zagreb "BBC News".

- It would be very positive if the vitamin B really was so effective because it would be a very inexpensive treatment, research assistant professor commented Nino Mimica, a psychiatrist and president of the Alzheimer's Association of Croatia, but also points out that vitamins are prescribed only when symptoms are visible , which, he said, too late for prevention.

Investigation results have exceeded all expectations of doctors are revolutionary because of prevention, namely the brain could be pre-protected from deterioration, and this seems to be doing these vitamins.

Faster extinction of brain cells associated with high levels of homocysteine, a substance that is found in the blood, and the vitamin B complex controls the level of these substances.

- Lack of folic acid is considered the main cause of elevated homocysteine and folic acid is a good strategy for prevention and therapy. But this dose is difficult to achieve daily diet and adequate nutrition are recommended accessories as safer solution, Mimica said.

As treatment of hyperhomocysteinemia, folnoj acid are added and vitamins B6 (5 mg) and B12 (1 mg), explained the nutritionists. B-complex vitamins are found in meat, fish, eggs and green vegetables.

With this knowledge in view of the fact that it comes to vitamins, not drugs, prevention of Alzheimer's disease may begin as early in the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment of the brain, ie. early stages of dementia, the newspaper said.

After the 60th The brain is naturally reduced by half a percent a year, but the mild cognitive impairment speed doubles, as Alzheimer's disease is as much as 2.5 percent per year.

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