Thursday, September 30, 2010

Michael Caine predicted terrorist attacks 2,001th

British actor Michael Caine has predicted the terrorist attacks on New York in 2001, the novel that was written before the event, reports BBC News.

"I had a plot in which terrorists plane hit the tower in London. Then they would in real life. I was shocked, so I stopped writing," said the actor.

In an interview before the publication of the autobiography "The Elephant to Hollywood," 77-year-old Kane is revealed to be still hopes to write a novel and before 80th Birthday 2013th

This book will be "a thriller about terrorism." "It will be for men. There will be a significant literary achievement," added the double Oscar winner.

Kane has played this year in the futuristic thriller "Start", which is his fourth collaboration with British director Christopher Nolan.

The actor said he will continue to write when you complete the "Batman", alluding to the potential continuation Nolanovih hits Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Kane is in these two films played butler Alfred.

"I am busy in the next three years. When it's done I will have 80 years and then I could retire," he added.

The book "The Elephant to Hollywood" is on sale from today.

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