Friday, September 24, 2010

Pirates attacked the entertainment industry

Activists who support piracy are carried out coordinated attacks on Internet sites of American music and film industry.

The attack temporarily broke the site of the American Film Association (MPAA) and the American Music Industry Association (RIAA), reports the BBC.

Pirates have previously reported on a forum that will perform this action in retaliation for anti-piracy efforts by making the entertainment industry.

The group said it would continue attacks on other sites. Next on the list of the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), which will be the target of 20th September.

The action was launched after reports of Indian software companies' Aiplex "that the name of the film industry perform''''cyber attacks on sites where the illegal distribution of films made.

Anonymous activists have decided to apply the same method for the overthrow of the site "Aiplexa" and several other organizations.

"We broke them in the same way they nakoji down Pirate Bay, the bombing of the requirements to open a page. They have hired Aiplex, who also got his own. They were attacked first, we hit harder," said in a message published by pirates.

All the sites attacked again available on the Internet.

How to stop the power of the collective that makes complete an Internet community? You can enchant equipment and catch the organizers of the attacks, but this is a group that has become proficient in the protection of your identity and does it very well on the strength of the Internet, "said Sean Paul from the company Corel "Panda Security".

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