Friday, September 24, 2010

"Peugeot" discontinued the production of "206"

French PSA Peugeot will end 2011th The stop production of "Peugeot 206" in Europe because of the change of European legislation, but its installation, is expected to continue in South America, China and Iran, reported the Internet portal "Autokar," citing a source from the company.

"Peugeot is offering buyers a model" 206 "in 1998. year, as a substitute for "Peugeot 205". The company has given up the plan to modernize and upgrade model, in the expectation that the model "106" and "306" in the market adequately fill the gap.

Model "206," however, surpassed the expectations of the company and became a best-selling car brands Peugeot, whose supply exceeded five million vehicles in 2005. year, before his replacement, a model "207" is offered to the market 2006th year.

The fate of this model is extremely important because only a "Peugeot 205" has a chance to reach the figure of five million. However, "Peugeot 206" has provided a record sale for only eight years, while the "205" will need a lot more time, says "Autokar.

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