Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The body can only destroy cancer

The body can only destroy cancer

Scientists have discovered how the body can only destroy tumor cells without using any drugs. Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have come to the revolutionary discovery - they have identified a molecule known as TIC 10, which activates protein to aid in the fight against cancer.

TRAIL protein (ligand that induces apoptosis - cell death - associated with tumor necrosis factor) inhibits the development of tumors in immune surveillance, ie at the stage when the immune system, "patrolled" of the body in search of cancer cells.
This process shall be suspended at an advanced stage of the disease, which leads to uncontrolled growth and spread of cancer.
A key benefit of the use of TRAIL as a means of fighting cancer is that it is already part of the immune system so that it is not toxic to the body, such as chemotherapy or radiation.
Moreover, a small amount of TIC10 is more effective than others because the drug may penetrate the barrier between the brain and the blood flow. This barrier prevents anti-cancer drugs to enter the brain, and thereby block their effectiveness.
- We anticipate that this molecule is able to treat cancer of the brain, which was a pleasant surprise - said lead researcher, oncologist Vafik El-Deir.
Another positive thing is that TIC 10 not only activates TRAIL in cancer cells but also healthy. Nearby healthy cells also receive a "tailwind" and on its surface increases the number of TRAIL receptor destroying cancer.
Although the study was limited to mice, Dr. El-Deir is confident that a similar approach could be applied to humans.
- I'm surprised and delighted that this is our work. Small amounts of the molecules we have increased significantly, and overcome the limitations path TRAIL-which gives me hope that we can cure cancer safe mechanisms that function in people with normal and effective immune system. We are currently in the phase of research when trying to overcome certain limitations and to come to an effective and selective cancer therapy - concluded Dr. El-Deir.

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