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Stop cough herbs

Stop cough herbs

Cough is one of the most common reasons why patients turn to your doctor or pharmacist. A common symptom of colds and flu, but may be caused by other factors. One thing is always true for cough - interferes with the patient's daily life and negatively affects the quality of life.

Cough is a defensive reaction of the body and is a sudden expulsion of air from the lungs, mainly in order to clean the airways of accumulated secretions or foreign matter. May be willing, but the most common is a reflex, and occurs as a response to stimulation of cough receptors in the airways.

In addition to being an important protective reflex, cough is a symptom of almost all respiratory diseases and other disorders in the body. There are several divisions of cough, the most common of which is the productive or wet, and unproductive, and dry.

Productive cough
The main characteristic of a productive cough if the airway mucus accumulates a large amount of which must be eliminated in order to clean the airways. So it is not properly inhibit cough reflex in this case, but it should make it easier to cough up, which can be achieved primarily softening thick bronchial secretions and the spread of the respiratory tract.

While there are many synthetic drugs used to reduce cough, you should always give priority to product quality plant-based, because they do not have side effects that can have synthetic drugs. Thyme is often used as a herbal remedy for a solution to this problem. Various studies for the active ingredients thyme proven to soften thick bronchial secretions and spread the airways as effective as synthetic drugs. In addition, the essential oils of thyme are excellent antiseptic, which further helps solving the problem of cough is the result of a cold or flu.

Non-productive cough
Non-productive, dry cough is the result of irritation of cough receptors in the airways, where it occurs and no cough reflex of producing secretions to be ejected. This should prevent a cough calms irritable mucosa. And for this type of cough herbal medicines are equally as effective as synthetic, and without any side effects. Marshmallow contains mucilage that coats the inflamed mucous membranes and thus soothing the irritation that causes coughing, a recent study found that intensively stimulates the growth of epithelial cells of mucosa and helps its regeneration.

Often patients can themselves well to assess what type of cough bothering them, especially in the initial stages of a cold. Then, without a medical examination can clearly assess whether there was an accumulation of mucus in the bronchi, which are yet to be out.
We recommend that therapy with plant-based, which can solve the problem of both types of cough. Very good combination is a combination of two herbs-thyme and marshmallow.

Thyme oil is an important medicinal plant in the treatment of cough, bronchitis and asthma. As a remedy against cough is known primarily for its effect on the softening of the bronchial secretions and relieve spasms of the airways. The main ingredients of thyme essential oils, tannins and flavonoids. Extracts of thyme relieves irritation that push the cough and phlegm speed ejection.

BRONCHOSTOP cough syrup, vitamin C unique plant-based medicine to relieve cough and stopping the stomach very well tolerated. It has an aromatic flavor fruit contains raspberry syrup and extra vitamin C. Because there is a need for vitamin C specifically increased in infectious diseases. In particular, confers use in children.

BRONCHOSTOP SINE syrup, relieves cough and solve the problem solely on the basis of its natural ingredients. Contains pure plant extracts of thyme * and marshmallow, and is produced without the addition of alcohol and sugar. Therefore, this unique cough syrup does not have any harmful effects on the teeth and can be used without risk and evening after brushing teeth or during the night. Naturally pure raspberry syrup has a pleasant aroma and a taste of fruit syrup, which makes it equally acceptable not only by adults but also by children. Suitable for diabetics.

BRONCHOSTOP lozenges cough as a practical means to mitigate and stop coughing in situations where it is not possible to take the syrup. Pure herbal active ingredients are released slowly by chewing or sucking lozenges, which provide fast and long lasting effects. Bronchostop pastilles does not contain alcohol and sugar, and are designed for diabetics.

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