Tuesday, January 14, 2014

After insults in public transport, halved the weight of 130 kg

After insults in public transport, halved the weight of 130 kg

Sharon Farrell (45) from St Albans in the UK weighed almost 130 pounds and she knew how to drink six pints of beer when the evening out on the town. Despite this, she had the courage to face the fact that the pathological obese, until on one occasion, when she went to work by public bus, an elderly gentleman refused to sit in the empty seat next to her, with a loud comment: "I can not sit next to it! There's plenty of room. "

 - I was desperate - says Farrell, who is overweight started to pile out of 19 when her father died, that food continued to be comforted, and later, while taking care of difficult diseased mother.
In tears, the next stop is the bus left and went to work on foot, but her condition was so bad that it is time that can exceed normal walking for 15 minutes a whole hour. On the job came in red and sweating more an hour.
This he finally made realize that the devil took the joke, and that he would have to do something if you want to function normally and to avoid her incidents like the one on the bus occur again. With a weight of 129 kg, and body mass index, which stood at 47.1, fell into the category of pathological. On the other hand, all the children who until then had held a yo-yo effect after they are quickly returning to the old, or even more fat.
- It was not a life, but subsistence-considered Sharon.
It was almost completely stopped going out, walking her imagining difficulties, since his mother's death was constantly on antidepressants.
- But to the incident on the bus did not have a true incentive to lose weight-she admits.
in April 2010. He enrolled in the swimming club, and five lost the first 6 pounds. She continued to gradually lose weight, but 20 pounds less, she began to feel easier. Depression is gone, she felt clear, and the first time in years did not take medication.
After two years, she lost 50 pounds and back to normal dress size 44 Today there are only 65 kg, two times less than before, and wears a size 40 He says he still has calories, because she had become second nature, daily exercise for about 10 minutes, mostly exercises for stomach and back, every year transition "Fun Run", and this year intends to run off the distance.
- My life completely changed, and never would our backs on the old-satisfaction finds Sharon.
And as for the man who had insulted the bus, Sharon him a stunning in hand:
- Got me. I'd love to meet him again and thank him - she says.

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