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The skin is the largest human organ

The skin is the largest human organ

How will our skin to look and how to be healthy, depending on the state of internal organs, glands with internal secretion, stress. Also, the external factors, especially the sun dermatovenerolog.

Holds together all the other organs and makes them whole. We wrapped it, so no wonder it is the largest human organ. Great to be able to cover the entire two square meters.
Dr dermatovenerolog in Belgrade's health, "sail", said that along with its accessories, hair and nails, skin the mirror of our health, nutrition, culture, habits ...
Leather every person has a unique relief that no one else has. Because of this quality index finger of the right hand is used for identification in criminalistics.
fingertips, and finger-tips, the most sensitive parts of the skin because they contain many nerve fibers, while the least sensitive to stimuli leather back.

how the skin is important, is the fact that the baby at birth, except for the heart, muscles of breathing and what are her reflexes, assess and skin. Just for the record, the quality of the skin is inherited from both parents.
role of skin in our life is manifold. Not only are we protecting by not allowing it to penetrate our body microorganisms, water and dirt, skin secretes and vitamin D plays an important role in regulating body temperature and receiving sensory stimuli. Through her, we feel pressure, pain, touch, heat, cold ...
- There's a certain social role. With a beautiful and healthy skin definitely feel better, perform safer and more confident than if you have a rash or skin is nourished us - observes the doctor.
Condition of the skin depends on the state of other internal organs, glands with internal secretion, stress, and environmental factors that we continuously subjected, primarily from the sun.
Since it depends upon so many factors, it is very prone to disease. Bacterial, viral, fungal, immunologic ... Skin diseases are easy to see, but often difficult to treat, and in many cases exceed the chronic.

How Are BORE
Dr explains how skin will be firm and elastic depends on its middle layer, or dermis, which contains collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid.
- aging of these components is gradually lost, which results in wrinkles - she says, adding that measured not only on the face in life we lose about 150 grams of intercellular substance.
aging weakens the connective tissue, reducing the strength and elasticity of the skin, and it drier, thinner and narrower getting wrinkles, freckles, dark spots.

color, says our interlocutor, depends on the circulation of two types of melanin pigment.
According to the amount of melanin, all white skin were divided into four groups, and in our area is the second most common phototype, so. Caucasian guy. Its main characteristics are that it is very sensitive to sunlight, may turn black, but it can burn.

nails and hair are natural supplements skin. The whole skin except the palms and soles of the feet, is covered with hair.
average man has about five million hairs, mostly on the head, around 100,000. The density of hair is different in certain parts of the body, ranging between 40 and 800 hairs per square centimeter. The sebaceous glands in the skin are connected to the hair follicle and the largest on the nose and around the nose.
Unlike those nodes that are not on the palms and soles, sweat is the most precisely in these areas, as well as in the area of the armpit. A total of about three million. Weigh about 100 grams, about the same as a kidney, in normal circumstances, the day excrete about one liter of liquid.
hairs and nails are dead tissue, and we therefore do not hurt when we cut them, and tits. They grow from the roots as long as a man is alive.

roots of origin of the surface layer of the skin is the same as in the brain. Right here is an explanation of why many skin diseases resulting from stress and why the conscious and unconscious events in the brain affect the skin in the form of various ailments.
most common of them is itching and scratching. Very reliable sign that itch consequence of stress and tension is when it occurs in the evening and before bed.
During this time of the day, the doctor explains, cortex is no longer active as during the day, when controls our behavior.
conscious part of the brain is less active at night, control yields and therefore moves scratching.

Why only women have cellulite
difference in structure between women's and men's skin goes on the sole expense of women.
This is confirmed by the fact that only women have cellulite, while men with this problem rare. Why is it?
- The lower layer of the skin composed of fatty tissue and connective fibers, with the vertically standing woman.
By contrast, in men as binding the fibers parallel to the muscle fibers, which is why there is no lymphatic edema and the subsequent accumulation of fluid.

Drawing paper, not a goat
on the skin and patterns, and it should not. In support of this "no" is the latest news from Paris. French dermatologists warn that the ink for permanent tattoos contain toxic metals such as aluminum, cobalt, chromium, copper, iron, mercury and nickel, which can be carcinogenic when they are in the skin. They resemble the pigments and the inks may cause eczema, allergic reactions, and other skin diseases.
Tattooing henna, may also be dangerous if such a natural substance, which otherwise is not dangerous, is mixed with some of the toxic product to be done interim tattoo. In particular, it should be kept people have freckles or moles in the skin, or have some form of skin disease.

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