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The lowdown 10 facts about menstruation

The lowdown 10 facts about menstruation

Although the mass media now make it possible to find out almost anything you're interested, the survey shows that some women still unknown important facts about the functioning of their own bodies. Research conducted in Australia 2012th reveals that only 13 percent of women correctly answered the question as fertile days in the menstrual cycle. Even if you sometimes have the impression that you know more than your gynecologist, maybe there are things that still need to learn.

The days
can you get pregnant when you have your period. Although there is little chance of that happening, it's not impossible. Therefore, make sure you use protection when performances "those days".

woman is most fertile during ovulation and the days before and after it. Ovulation - ejection egg from the ovary - usually occurs in the middle of the cycle. Ovulation calendar to help you track your menstrual cycle.

Irregular bleeding
Irregular monthly bleeding can be due to various changes. Causes of irregular periods - either in the form of its failure, bleeding prior to menstruation or monthly bleeding that lasts longer than seven days - can be very different - from extremely large weight loss, stress and the use of certain drugs, to serious diseases such as cancer uterus. If you are concerned about irregular periods, you should consult with a health care provider.

CARTOON menstrual
Company "Walt Disney" produced in 1946. cartoon "The story of menstruation" supplementary teaching tool for sex education in schools. It was reportedly the first film in which he used the word "vagina".

During menstruation women lose an average of less than one cup of blood. No matter how you do it seemed unlikely, the fact is that most women a month to lose a few tablespoons to one cup of blood.

Tastes differ, and this also applies to sex during monthly bleeding. This is true for both men and women. You may be in "those days" will be more in the mood for sex than usual. Progesterone - a hormone that is believed to be able to reduce libido - at least secreted during this period, so if you feel an intense desire, know that you are not an exception.

Scientists do not agree on the issue of synchronization of menstruation. It is possible that you and your sister / your roommate / your partner share more of the secrets. Any woman who has noted that reaching for painkillers and comfortable dark pants at the same time as her best friend will confirm the truth of this theory.

Menstruation is TABU
In some parts of the world, menstruation is still considered taboo. While girls in America thirteen years ago have to endure the teasing of his peers ruthless, in the Indian province of girls mostly do not cook so as not to contaminate food and do not touch the idols as they would not be provoked.

"Always" is the first manufacturer of sanitary napkins, which showed blood in the advertisement - it was the 2011th year. Until then, in commercials, instead of blood, used liquid bluish color.

Between 13 YEAR
Most of the girls gets her first period of 13-14 years. In general, sexual maturation appearances earlier and earlier, and the cause is not known. There are various theories about the factors that contribute to earlier puberty, including the environment, fatty foods and stress.

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