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Say goodbye to cellulite treatments that get results verified

Say goodbye to cellulite treatments that get results verified

The aesthetic ideal of today's modern woman contributed to the approach and efforts to solve the problem of cellulite in the intensive development. Currently available procedures for physical and pharmacological compositions, if they are combined, significantly reduce the amount of cellulite, so that the visible effect of a cosmetic. Efforts at reducing cellulite should be permanent, since cellulite is a slow and continuous degenerative process. This fight is pointless, because if cellulite is not treated in time aesthetic problem often associate with health.

There is a misconception that cellulite can be treated solely by physical activity. Moderate physical activity is recommended for the prevention of cellulite. Intense physical activity can even worsen existing cellulite, which explains the high oxygen uptake in muscle work, or a lack of anatomic regions where there is cellulite. Also, increase muscle mass suppresses fat tissue under the skin's surface which increases the visibility of cellulite.

Successful treatment of cellulite requires the use of physical therapy tailored to the stage of cellulite and also often aimed at reshaping the body in order to achieve the desired shape, says Daniel Dunja Dimitrijevic, a senior physiotherapist from clinic for rehabilitation, "Dimitrijevic" . It lists a number of procedures that significantly reduce the amount of cellulite, so the cosmetic effect is really noticeable.

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive method which consists in injecting into the special skin preparation. The compositions contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, vegetable ingredients, anesthetics, embrioplast, placenta, and are packaged in sterile vials. Of these ampoules are made different cocktails.
The treatment consists in the fact that the dose of the cocktail microscopic mikroiglicama introduced subcutaneously with a thin 1 millimeter. Mesotherapy works by improving the microcirculation, strengthens connective tissue, increases lymphatic drainage and breaks down excess fat.
The effects are achieved in two ways: the pharmacological effect of the preparation and the physical stimulation of the skin microneedle. Effect of mesotherapy may contribute to additional diet and physical activity.
- Laser therapy is applied in the form of cellulite, since it stimulates the metabolism of the cell, promotes the production of collagen and connective tissue, which is of great importance for the treatment of cellulite.

- Ultrasound therapy microvibrations mechanical influence on the breakdown of cellulite mikronodularnih formation in combination with laser effectively reduces cellulite deposits.

- Electrotherapy aims to stimulate the muscles of the respective current pulse frequency, thereby accelerating the circulation of lymph, and blood toxins and toning the muscles. If necessary, it can be carried out, and tightening of the skin in the region where it is removed cellulite.

- Vacuum therapy for the treatment of cellulite is implemented highly sophisticated device-Vacusac. Negative pressure (vacuum) is created on the entire surface of the treated (the feet, body) and the drain performing endomasa┼żu intercellular fluid, thereby accelerating the flow of blood, lymph and eliminate toxins.

- Cavitation is currently the most advanced ultrasound therapy for a short time reshape the body by permanently destroys fat cells. The results can be seen immediately after the treatment, because there is a reduction in the volume of the treated area of 2 to 4 cm. Ultrasound waves that derive precise frequency and power of acting solely on the fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue. The measured loss is not refunded, because the destroyed fat cells do not regenerate.

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