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Cold hands-warm heart

Cold hands-warm heart

Cold hands and feet are the result of quite normal natural process by which the body maintains vital organs safe and warm. In women, this phenomenon is more pronounced than in males - thanks to hormones.

all have the feeling that we are cold when our skin is cold. Cells thermo-receptors, which are located less than a millimeter below the skin, "blame" for what we feel temperature changes. Normally, the skin has a preferred temperature due to the flow of blood through the capillaries.
however, when the thermo-receptors detect the cold, the cells respond by closing the capillaries, drawing blood flow - and therefore heat - to the heart, lungs and other internal organs. This process is referred to as vasoconstriction.

Hands, face and FOOT coldest parts of the body
when we are cold amount of blood that reaches the skin on the limbs may be so low, only 0.02 liters per minute (maximum amount is two to three liters per minute).
arms, face and feet are usually the coldest month, partly because these parts of the body exposed to the outside of the cold, but also because the organism in some way "sacrifice" these parts to other internal organs warm. Therefore, our hands turn white or even flooding in the cold. However, women may come to vasoconstriction even miminalnoj cold.
The point is that, in fact, the temperature of the skin of a woman - not a body temperature - lower. For that part of the "blame" hormones.
Among women, the female hormone estrogen regulates the peripheral blood vessels. High levels of this hormone appears to be sensitive to temperature. As a result, the temperature in women varies during the menstrual cycle, since estrogen increases and decreases.
assumption that this is the mechanism that allows for pregnant women to protect the baby from cold, but the cause has not yet been sufficiently explained. Also, it should be noted that women are 10 percent less body fat than men.

The more fat a person has, the more the internal organs safer, but it also means the prevention of heat in the skin. More obesity tend to have a lower skin temperature.
This phenomenon also explains why women five times more common Rejnoovog syndrome disorder which is believed to affect 10 percent of women in the UK. It is characterized by extremely cold hands and feet when exposed to cold, even if you just touched something cold.
Raynaud's syndrome does not refer to a range of disorders called vasospasm disorders, which means that in such persons microcirculation system is very sensitive, that is, the natural response of the body to cold, vasoconstriction, is outrageous. For now, it is still not known what causes the syndrome, including, but can also be a cause of autoimmune disease, such as arthritis or lupus, and then the phenomenon is called secondary Raynaud's syndrome.
case of acute attacks, is temporarily lays up the capillary so that the flow of blood to the extremities seriously interrupted, which even leads to long fingers change color, first turn white and then floods, which signaled the end of oxygen supply. When it warms up again, it may cause redness and swelling of the hands, and pain and blood in return.
Apart from the cold, this phenomenon may cause smoking, because nicotine affects the circulation, as well as strong emotions and anxiety.
Experts note that the process of vasoconstriction may be somewhat explain why there is effort in the work of the heart during the winter months.
If it's cold, and enhance circulation in the internal organs at the expense of the extremities, the body reacts as it is released fluids to "do" for most of the blood supply. Therefore, after a stay in the cold, I feel the need to urinate.

What helps except apparel
Sometimes, cold hands and feet can be a sign of something more dangerous - blood flow is interrupted because the veins and arteries in the legs are buried in fatty deposits. This phenomenon, however, is accompanied by other symptoms, such as pain in the arms and legs during exercise (because the muscle does not come up to a sufficient amount of blood and oxygen). It should be said that the lack of circulation due to narrowed blood vessels comes mostly in the elderly, smokers or diabetics.
What helps unless adequate clothing? Experts are unanimous in their response: special exercises, which stimulate blood flow to the muscles and skin. Finally, if your hands and feet naturally cooler, your partner say, "Cold hands, warm heart."

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