Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stay warm, will accelerate the circulation

Stay warm, will accelerate the circulation

Miracle cure for poor circulation there. You need to eat healthy, move, and on cigarettes forgotten.

Good circulation, and the circulation of blood in the body, to be called this process, it is crucial for health because it required oxygen and food delivered cells, and they are releasing harmful products.
How good circulation is important, it usually becomes aware of only when they start to distort and health problems that are initially mostly manifested through cold and numb feet or hands.
Dr a general practitioner in the Department of Emergency Medicine in Belgrade, says that poor blood circulation in the hands of identified by feeling the weight in the hands of the exertion, loss of power in their hands and numbness.
As far as the leg, the weakened circulation indicate first occasional pain during walking accompanied by burning sensation in the soles and strong cramps in the calves. Then symptoms subside, and after a hundred steps moving again. At night, occur almost unbearable pain in the feet followed by cold feet, "tingling" and numbness, which borders with anestezy.
When circulation is poor for a long time, the skin becomes pale, rough, inelastic, and the fingertips are often create sores.
Our interviewee indicates that the attenuation of the circulation is influenced by numerous factors, but mostly high levels of blood lipids, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, disorders of the thyroid gland, stress, improper diet, lack of physical activity, in particular smoking.
- These are all consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. Poor circulation prevents changing bad habits - says doctor and advise:
• Control pressure
• Adjust diabetes if you have
• Maintain normal levels of blood fats
• Maintain a lost weight
• enough to move
properly • Eating
• cigarettes forget.

It is also important to dress appropriately, and this winter, when the low temperature is often poor peripheral circulation, then warmed the feet and hands. Because, in a warm and better blood circulation.

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