Thursday, July 2, 2009

Medvedev: Russia is ready to strengthen relations with the United States

In the video published on the website Kremlin, Medvedev said that Russia is ready to strengthen its relations with the United States after several years during which almost ruled the cold war.
"The new U.S. administration with the president at the head of Obama shows willingness to change the situation, to build effective relationships, safer, and finally the modern. And we are ready to do our part," said Medvedev.
He said that should be recognized that the relations between the two countries deteriorated poslednih and stressed that it can describe "different words" such as "crisis of confidence, inactivity, lack of will to do something."
"The fact is that, despite the personal contacts that were not bad with the previous predesdnikom (George bus), the relations between Russia and the United States fell almost to the level of 'cold war," he added.
Medvedev stressed that Russia and the United States both have a "special responsibility" to fight against international terrorism, drug trade and the expansion of nuclear weapons.
"We are united values of our civilization and vrednostma respect for human life, human rights and freedoms," said Medvedev. Obama came in the two-day visit to Moscow on Monday.

William Berns instead of Hilary Clinton in Moscow
America has officially notified Russia that the state sekretarka Hilary Clinton will not be able to visit Moscow next week along with Barak Obama.
"United States officially informed Russia that Hilary Clinton can not follow the President Barak Obama during a visit to Moscow because of hand injuries," said the Unnamed source in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs agency RIA Novosti.
According to him, instead, Obama will monitor the Deputy Secretary of State William Berns, who has been ambassador in Moscow.

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