Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Systematic approach to control the Internet in China

Personal computer manufacturers Acer, Asustek, and Lenovo started selling computers on the market kinskeskom to deliver software to filter content on the Internet

Chinese authorities in May informed manufacturers of personal computer software that will deliver Green Dam-Youth Escort, which in translation means "green dam-train for Youth", will be required with the sale of computers in China, but the imposition of these obligations under international temporarily cancel pressure. According to the Ministry of Information Industry and China, the software should be to protect children from neprilagođenih content on the Internet, the Wall Street Journal to the Internet edition.

Taiwanese Acer, the third world manufacturer of computer, stated that began with computers to compact disks supplied with software to filter content on the Internet and is done on the basis of "requires the Ministry of industry and information." Other major Taiwanese manufacturer Asustek stated that the Chinese Ministry of povinovao request because it believes that this commitment after a time may come into force. The fourth world and the largest Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo also voluntarily supplied "green defend in computers sold in China with the explanation that the customer leaves the possibility to use it if you want. "Only the user depends on whether or not to install software," said the Lenovo spokesman.

"Green defend" started it and Sony in June, but was stopped in the meantime, while the distributors of Hewlett Packard and Dell stated that the computers can not deliver the software to filter content on the Internet. China is the second largest world market, the computer immediately after Sjedinjinih States of America and therefore it is very important for manufacturers of computers that are trying to spread operations in the country.

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