Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunken ship with about 200 immigrants from Haiti, 70 survived

Around 70 people survived when the prevrnuo last night and the ship sank with nearly 200 immigrants from Haiti, near the caribean islands of Turks and Caicos, and fears that the largest number of immigrants lost their lives.
Rescue services, which help members of the U.S. coastal guard, managed to get the 70 survivors that were found near the wreck of the ship, which at the time of the accident was between 160 and 200 immigrants. At least four bodies nastradalih passengers are found, and fears that the largest number of immigrants, which is now run as missing, lost his life in a car accident. "Our main goal at this time is to reach all who are in the water, and medical zbrinemo one which is necessary," said U.S. coastguard spokesman in Miami, Sabrina Elgamal. Among preživelima is a lot of hard injured, who were transferred to hospitals in the Turks and Caicos Islands.
The two islands are part of British territory in the Atlantic Ocean, between the Bahamas and Haiti, reminded Reuters. How to transfer Bi-Bi-Si, the ship was launched on a three-day trip, but most hit the reef, trying to avoid a police patrol. Immigrants from Haiti often travel between islands in the caribean teeming with boats, in search of a better life in the Bahamas or Florida. The U.S. coastguard last week presrela a ship full of 124 Haitian immigrants to about 240 km from sinoćnje accidents. Immigrants from the ship in Monday returned to Haiti.

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