Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Western Digital hard disk of 1 TB for notebook computers

Western Digital as a company that is undisputed number one as regards the mechanical disks presented the first 2.5-inčni hard disk capacity of 1 TB

The company, whose drives the statistics at least perishable, which is already in the top of the speed of the disc, and that capacity prednjačimo and presented the first 2.5-inčni drive in the world even with capacity of 1 TB (1000 GB).
WD Scorpio Bllue 1 TB WD10TEVT has three panels of 333 GB. The same occasion, and is a smaller 750 GB model. However, do not expect you'll see a netbook with a 1 TB disc is thicker than normal (12.5 mm versus 9.5 mm), and will be placed in larger and stronger transmission computers, and the price of 250 doalra makes it quite acceptable.

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