Thursday, July 2, 2009

Russia offered the participation of Turkey in the South during

Russia has offered to Turkey to participate in gas pipeline project "South stream", said Russian vicepremijer Igor Sečin, after talks with Turkish Minister of Energy TANER Jildizom.
At the meeting, are considered different variations of routes and delivery of gas, among which the project "Nabuko, transmitted agency RIA Novosti.
"The more alternatives for delivery of gas, consumers will be better," said Sečin, adding that projects must be justified and economically.
Russian vice-prime minister is convinced the Turkish Minister of Energy that Russia has a sufficient amount of gas, and only new sites on the Jamalu have proven reserves of over 11 billion cubic meters.
Pointing out that the advocates for transparency in decision-making, "Sečin added that the pragmatic approach is needed, based on a precise calculation, based on the number of safe fuel.
Precise economic calculations of efficiency and competitiveness show that the project better. "We think that in the 'South flow'
and those projects that are implemented with Turkish partners, "noted the Sečin.
Gas, "South stream" will be placed under the Black Sea to the Novosibirskaya Bulgarian port Varna, and will continue to lead in the two branches over the Balkan peninsula to Italy and Austria, although specific routes have not yet been determined. According to plans, the gas should be let up to 2013. The transmit RIA Novosti.
"South stream" propusnih capacity of 63 billion cubic meters a year, should reduce the dependence of supplier and customer of the transit countries. Total investment in this project are estimated at 25 billion euros.
Project "Nabuko, estimated at 7.9 billion doalra, provides transportation of natural gas to European countries through Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Austria.
This gas will be a continuation of already constructed pipeline Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum and provides an annual transport 20-30 billion cubic meters of gas. Two-thirds of gas will be placed through the Turkish territory.

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