Friday, July 31, 2009

Interracial incident and reconciliation - Obama as a bartender

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barak Obama had the role of "head bar" to "pivski meeting" of the main incidents of his friends prominent professor from Harvard tamnoputog Henry and Luisa Gejts police Balti James Kraulija.

Obama, who is the first tamnoputi President of the United States, said that it was "friendly, smisaoni" conversation with the beer in the White House with Gejts and police sergeant Kraulijem.

"The beginning I believed that is what connects us more than what separates us. I'm convinced it happened tonight and I hope that we'll all be in this episode to make a positive instruction," Obama said after the meeting

Gejts was arrested on 16 July at his house when he returned to the business and found time to be stuck on the front door lock.

He along with his driver to force open the door, but it is one of the neighborhoods noticed that black men have entered the house and called police.

Tamnoputi professor, said that the policeman showed identity documents that prove that lives in the house.

However, the police claims that the professor began to cry to him and accuses him of racism after it is brought Gejts.

Obama is further comments rasplamsao situation to believe that the police reacted, "stupid."

Race is still sensitive issue in the United States.

Krauli said that the meeting was personal and honest discussion.

For Press Obaminom question about the contribution of the meeting, he responded that "the President provided the beer."

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