Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mesic: I am astonished moment Sanader resignation

Croatian President Stjepan Mesić last night received the decision of Prime Minister Ivo Sanader to withdraw from the function, but expressed the astonishment of the moment in which the election is Sanader decided to announce his departure his.

Mesic, as he says from his office after meeting with Sanader recalled that "the Institute of the resignation of immanent democratic systems" and that in such systems, and in parliamentary democracies, "the prime minister's resignation in no way should be, and even can not shook the entire system. "

"President of the Republic can not, however, not to express astonishment choice of the moment in which the previous prime minister decided to announce his departure, because there is no doubt that Croatia is in a very serious, it can even say critical economic situation, and that our negotiations on EU accession zapeli holds for neighboring Slovenia, which have deteriorated, and relations with the country, "says the statement, and transmit Hina.

Adding to the crisis of government in such circumstances, "however that all institutions are still doing their job," do not contribute to the stability of the country and will inevitably cause confusion in the world.

The decision to withdraw from his position of Prime Minister Sander was stated yesterday in the extraordinary news conference. Sanader decided to withdraw from active dealing with politics.

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