Friday, July 31, 2009

Iran: New clashes in Tehran

Tehran - Police used tear gas and rubber bullet to the supporters of the opposition in Tehran, which wanted to make mention of the victims of riots that had broken out after the elections in June. "The demonstrators have burned several containers in the street, beat-the Tavus. Hundreds of police officers is over in order to prevent the mosque came upon Moša," said Reuters witness statements.

The authorities have previously rejected the request to the Iranian opposition in the United Moša mosque, which can gather several thousand believers, to be held memorial to victims postizbornih disorder, which caused supporters of the opposition leaders revolt Mirhoseina Musavija.

According to witness statements, about 2,000 demonstrators came to the mosque, however, where a large number of police officers.

According to UK newspaper agency, as ispalili tear gas and rubber bullet as they went in with a blistering account demonstrators in the streets and the Iranian capital can be seen batinjanja scene and carrying away of demonstrators in the police car.

Authorities had previously prevented Musavija car came to the cemetery Behešt-e Zahra, where the family of the slain young Iranke Nede Soltan Aga-held 40-day memorial for her and other victims postizbornih disorder.

How eyewitnesses said, the police Musavija forced to leave the cemetery, and gathered demonstrators warned that need to do the same.

Revolutionary Guard commander in Tehran, general Abdolah Aragi today reiterated government determination to prevent any gatherings.

"We are not kidding. Obračunaćemo with those who want to fight against the regime," said Aragi, said Iranian Fars agency.

Neda Soltan, 26 year old student, killed on 20 June during the billing police and supporters of the opposition.

Published a photo of her sufferings, all the world media, and its name quickly became a symbol of protest against the regime of President Mahmoud Ahmadinedžada.

The authorities deny that the Iranian security forces killed Nedu, arguing that the act used to a regime in Tehran was a defendant.

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