Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tip to the north of Europe is running low

Sometimes the hand of the person which is intended, and sometimes discretely left on the table - is the science of kickback for themselves. In each country different customs control, but if you follow a few basic rules, you can be sure that you will not find in nezgodnoj situation and will continue to provide the best place in the restaurant.

Before you go to rest, study the customs of the people in whose land you dwell, since the height of the male attention varies from country to country. Although in principle rule for the extra that is given on a voluntary basis, allocating a small fine money is a kind of guarantee that you will feel prijatnije in the restaurant when it come again. The fact is that the bonus is that the waiter all the smaller as more goes to the north of Europe. Pubs in the UK so no tip is expected. However, in Italy it is not usual to provide tip, as is the service, but charged through the account.
In other parts of Europe, however, recommended treat waiter. According to the German auto industry federation ADAC, in Scandinavia is a common tip in the amount of five percent of the bill. In Spain, France and Portugal for the round sum of 5-10 percent of the total amount of account, and also applies to payments by credit card. More than five percent of tourists to leave the Island, in Switzerland and the Netherlands - in these countries expected to tip the staff and to 15 percent. Do not you find in neprijatnoj situation, should be informed and in a country the tip, because there are differences. In Egypt, this small attention given directly to the waiter hands - the best in the bill of a dollar, because it is difficult to convert coins to domestic currency. Passengers who live in France, Spain and Turkey will proceed best if the tip discretely left on the table or saucer account. In Austria and Italy are rounded to the sum of the note in the line. "
However, with the fee should not be preterivati. Especially in Southern Europe and the peninsula Arabijskom people are inclined to seek compensation for the smallest minutiae. For information on the way should not give anything, but if you stay in a hotel or restaurant, keep in mind that the fee contributes to the increase is often very modest income catering workers.

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