Thursday, July 2, 2009

FBI: Hussein lied because Iran

The FBI report made on the basis of examination of the former Iraqi leader, says that Saddam thought that his country threatening other countries in the region and that therefore Iraq must be shown as a state able to defend.

"Saddam is considered that Iraq can not be weak in relation to your enemies, especially Iran," wrote the special agent George pyro after talks with Iraqi president in June 2004. year.

FBI report reveals that Saddam was more concerned that Iran does not disclose the Iraqi weaknesses, but it is feared the U.S. move, after which hindered the return of UN inspectors who are in Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction.

"In his opinion, the UN inspectors to directly show Irancima where they can inflict maximum damage Irańćanima," the documents obtained by the published and non-governmental research institute National Archives for security.

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