Thursday, July 2, 2009

The United States launched a large offensive in southern Afghanistan

United States this morning launched a comprehensive offensive against talibana in the province of Helmand, in southern Afghanistan, most of the new president when Barak Obama came on duty.
The U.S. military has stated that the operation involved about 4,000 U.S. Marines and 650 soldiers avganistanskih, and to provide air support to NATO aircraft.
U.S. military officials claim that the offensive is different from all previous by a large number of soldiers who participate in it, but its speed and performance, said Bi-Bi-Si.
The operation, called "River of freedom," performed in the Helmand river valley, the longest in Afghanistan, where, as is believed, is only talibanskih core extremists, and that
applies to the largest region in the world production of heroin.
Heavy armored vehicles and helicopters the U.S. military, with the support of NATO aircraft, entered the early morning to iznenadnoj in action, with a large number of soldiers, "broken" strongest strongholds talibana.
The U.S. military believes that the results of operations only a few hours and go to her computer to destroy talibane hand, the foreign troops, led by NATO, has failed for years back.
As a gain in the valley Helmanda will get several thousand Marines in convoys through the valley approaches difficult accessible area, known as the "desert of death".
In Afghanistan, there is more than 61,000 thousand NATO soldiers, including most Americans - 28,850.

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