Tuesday, July 28, 2009

USA arrested for conspiracy seven attacks in Kosovo, Jordan

U.S. authorities arrested seven people today in North Carolina under charges that they forged conspiracy for terrorist attacks across the ocean, among other things in Kosovo, Gaza, Jordan, and belt.
U.S. prosecutor said that the head of the group Bojd Daniel Patrick, who is experience in training in Afghanistan and Pakistan since 1989. to 1992 used to fomira your own organization that trained fighters, collected the money and executed attacks outside the U.S. border, the Reuters reported. Others were arrested Hysen Sheriffs, Anes Subašić, Omar Mohamad Ali Hasan, Jagi Zijad Bojdova and two sons, Dylan Zakari and Bojd. Their seven threatened life imprisonment if convicted. According to the indictment otpečaćene seven points today in North Carolina, authorities are accused Bojda and the other to travel to Gaza, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan and Kosovo, or planned to engage people to attacks. They are charged with conspiracy for the procurement of material support for terrorists, conspiracy to murder, kidnapping and wounding of people abroad. Bojd and others are also accused of practicing shooting from the weapons, mainly from the guns that have a bullet for punching metal, as well as for military exercises in style. The indictment, which states that the group was active from 2006 to the end of this month, accuses them not to perform any kind of attack. One American official told reporters that there are no indications that the Bojdova was associated with an international militant organization or that the planned attacks in the United States.

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