Friday, July 31, 2009

New York to solve the homeless - one-way ticket

You can attend free of charge where the If. Pick and city, and summer, and the continent, which is optional. All expenses shall be borne by me, just go ...

These offers - the dream that millions of people around the world and which usually receive a "star" for the promotion of products or izlobirani politicians - these days people come to "a dog does not what to bite."

Invention of the authorities of New York City. From the budget, money, tax payers, paid trips to Miami, Paris, Sijudad Mexico, Kiev, Johannesburg, Puerto Rico and other attractive locations - the local homeless persons.

Project is not conceived as a supplement to "American dream", but is used as a measure to reduce velegradskog "nightmare." Team mayor and billionaire Mother Blumberg account that in the described way - easier to release "burden" under which "rocks" the city safe.

The applied principle is simple, although the delicate combination of mercy and ruthlessness. All homeless persons are, namely, offering free transport - but ticket only in one direction. To leave and never return.

Competent assure that migration costs in the second at the end to be less than the maintenance nesrećnika and nutrition, but a "grubby" cashew "Big Apple" and reduce the social benefits megalopolis, from which the origin Volstrita current global economic crisis. "Paying their way to save expenses of our citizens," je Blumberg.

Calculation is: jevtinije is iseljavati homeless persons, but to worry about them in prihvatilištima. Next: For 550 "transferred" families have been paid 500,000 dollars, and support only one of a total of 10,000 such families, it costs 36,000 dollars a year.

Quite a savings, but the application of mottos like "Skip to my care to another," Arnold Cohen assess the humanitarian New York Partnership for homeless persons. "Our governments undertake only superficial measures that SELE problems in remote areas, and local lodging in the receptacle for the new release the needy," said "New York Times."

But "anything better than nothing", sent the city fathers. Many is added, this way able to be with relatives again - which they went with the hope that izjalovila, to prosper in the capital of the world. " "Paying them not only for the time, but for visas, passports, help in konzularnoj procedures," said Vida-Dauns caves from specialized offices. Officials also claim that the former "protégés" continue to be care and after - the phone and called them raspituju how are dočekani and how to manage where they went, and in rare cases and give them financial support for a new start. " None of somewhere not sent back here, say. "We expect something better than going there where we came," ispovedio the Ektor Korea, who with partner and their two small sons returned to Puerto Rico. In New York City came in May, smestio with his mother, but when you do not find a job and when their debts arose, the mother was asked to go out of her apartment, and they went in prihvatilište ...

From prihvatilišta usually goes, they say, in Florida. Maybe because it najsunčanije region, which is the charm that over fears of hurricane season and the television reporters Advisories En-Bi-Si that the inhabitants of the southern peninsula, "the classified najnetrpeljivije to homeless persons."

New York is considered as a prescription prospective model in other parts of the United States. Hawaii rejected it as "expensive", and the second is closely preračunavaju.

It is estimated that every day, across America, in prihvatilištima resident about 700,000 people who are permanently or temporarily without a roof over my head. Statistics also show that adverse experience of a year to acquire three and a half million souls, and to experience life in about 15 million from a total of 305 million citizens. Current crisis, conceived lomom the housing mortgage market, increase the "caravans" to Emergency accommodation, which are many - their cars converted into mobile homes.

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