Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kosor confused at the head of Croatia

For the new prime minister and head of the HDZ and the proposed Jadranka Kosor, potpredsednica previous government. The prevailing impression is that public Sanader, on yesterday's news conference, it is not clearly explained its decision.

- Due to personal reasons resignation given to the place of the Prime Minister and president. I will not be candidate for President of the Republic of Croatia. It can be Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, to have the signatures of over 80 coalition partners - announced Sanader.

The personal reason is not a disease, because Sanader said that "Thank God," healthy. He did not otpisao the possibility of his return to politics, but said that the HDZ's decided to form a feature honorary president who will participate in all decision-making. Reakao that will not accept a duty "in one of the European institutions, even though it was, and such offer".

Media and the opposition in Croatia yesterday spekulisali that Sanader "beži" because of the crisis: one of the most popular news sites in Croatia news about the resignation was announced under the title "Croatian tone, rats escaping. Other "rat" if you accept this premise, is the Minister of Science, Education and Sports Dragan Primorac, who's previously announced formal resignation.

- News is unsolicited, but when you place the economic and political situation in the context, then the reasons should be sought. The international community will carefully monitor what is happening, in Croatia is now casts the shadow of the great losers - said the Jutarnji list Tonino Picula, former head of Croatian diplomacy.

A few minutes after the Prime Minister announced the decision, the beginning of the big sale at Zagreb Stock Exchange, which resulted in the precipitous fall of the index. Sanader denied that the resignation leaves the ship to sink.

- Yes I Beja of the problems I would not take when the HDZ and Tudjman died in 2003 won the elections. and 2007. as well as local elections. These moments are not only our, we have collateral victim of the crisis that the world's - said Sanader.

Some media nagađali that resignation is a consequence of stroke in the current nationalist HDZ in the exponent of its possible candidacy for President Andrew Hebranga state. Hebrang and Sanader are on Tuesday, according to the site allegedly strong conflict of intentions Sanader to former Minister of Defense Berislav Rončević be made before the court because of scandals "trucks." However, the appointment of new president Kosor indicative that the government Sanaderov influence remained crucial.

The meeting in Croatia in the publication that preceded the resignation, only Sanaderov argument, according to our knowledge, was "a lot of me!".

Jerko Rošin, a member of the Croatian Parliament and a close friend Sanaderov believe that Sanader's resignation will have international consequences.

- Pemijerova resignation can be iščitati and message the EU and Slovenia, to see that the Prime Minister was useful, and that the EU can not solve the problem - said Rošin.

Sanader is persistently insisting journalists to explain his decision to keep recurring is already done.

- I promišljao deep, and after 20 years in politics, 10 in Croatia and six in the Government, it is time for a new page - concluded odlazeći Prime Minister of Croatia.

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