Friday, July 31, 2009

Rasmusen from tomorrow at the head of NATO

Brussels - Former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fog Rasmusen, the future function of the Secretary General of NATO JAP de Hop Shefera. Rasmusen legacy Alliance, which will have to be adjusted in order to retain their importance in the 21st century and it is waiting for an easy job, in the first place - the NATO mission in Afghanistan, which so far has not given satisfactory results.

In Afghanistan the situation is not improving, and last year the security situation has worsened considerably and become more dangerous and so far quite peaceful parts of the country.

Odlazeći with features, Shefer is sent to the Alliance must remain and continue the fight in Afghanistan.

"If we go, Afghanistan would fall into the hands of talibana, with terrible consequences for the population, especially women. Pakistan would also suffer the consequences, along with everything else that involves international security", it Shefer.

Among the open issues and relations with Russia in the Russia-NATO Council, and is expected to Rasmusenovih one of the priorities will be improving relations with Moscow, after the cold that followed the last war in South Ossetia.

"I am very honored will be the fact that NATO Secretary General and I will do so in order to justify the trust of colleagues," said newly appointed Secretary General of the NATO Summit in Strasbourg and Kelu the beginning of April.

Rasmusena choice for NATO Secretary General tekao is not without problems, primarily due to the opinion of Turkey to the then Prime Minister of Denmark is not set correctly at the time of publication of Prophet Muhammad caricatures in the country, which it called an "enemy of Islam."

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