Friday, July 31, 2009

Death of extremist leaders in Nigeria

The leader of the radical sects Boko Haran, Mohammed Jusuf, killed only a few hours after it nigerijske security forces arrested in the north of the country.

Boko radical group responsible for the Haram petodnevno violence in Nigeria, in which over 180 were killed and displaced thousands of people. Jusuf, head of sects seeking wider introduction of šerijatskog rights, arrested after chase in which they were involved helicopters and military police who were yesterday destroyed the main headquarters of the radical armed groups.

"He was killed. You get to see his body in the state police command," said police spokesman in Maiduguriju, Isa Azare not mention other details about the assassination of Jusuf.

In the past few days since extremists attacked police and government facilities, in the conflicts in Nigeria, according to Bi-Bi-šiju, killed more than 600 people.

Violence broke out when the week in the state Bauči, one of 12 states in the north of the country, mainly naseljenoj Muslims, arrested more than 200 extremists, followed Jusuf followers began attacks on the churches, police stations, prisons and government buildings in several states in the the northern part of the country.

President of Nigeria Umar jar Adua, which is in official visit to Brazil, ordered the traditional and religious leaders in Nigeria to serve the Friday prayer, which used to warn people of the dangers of these sects.

He also ordered security forces to take all measures to make them "once and for all prevent further".

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