Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bar-code gets a successor

Bar-codes are used for a long time, but in the modern world digitanom already quite old - can not be read by mobile phone at a distance and have very little information. Predost only in relation to alternative solutions, such as RFID tags, is the extremely low cost of implementation.
However, pray to the new solution, called Bokodes - it was developed by researchers from MIT masańćuseckog Institute. Can be saved under a variety of angles and distance with a camera mobile phone, after which you can get many information. Example that shows the application of the BBC show in the library, where books have Bokodes. The user can enter the title you are looking for, photograph policy, and requested books will be marked in the picture.
When you become part of everyday life, such marking can greatly simplify the purchase, and even elementarnije many things, such as finding lost things in the apartment or reading menus in restaurants.
In the current version, Bokodes consists of the LED's and lenses, which is the price about five dollars, which is too expensive for widespread use. However, in the MIT-developed in the simpler version, whose price should not exceed five cents. It is estimated that will take several years to this new system of marking the spread, but is wait.

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