Friday, July 31, 2009

In Albania legal gay marriages

Albanian authorities are pushing for the legalization of marriages homoseksualnih, said Albanian Prime Minister Berisha send, and transmit his cabinet in the statement published yesterday in Tirana.
Albanian parliament will soon to discuss the draft law that equal rights homoseksualnih and heteroseksualnih pairs.
- The law that could start a debate and sharp reactions aim the abolition of discrimination and allow civil same-sex marriages of people - announced Berisha, leader of conservative strongest party in Albania, where the majority Muslim population lives.
He said that "in Albania, there is a certain intolerance towards the minorities," but called on Albanians to respect "the standards of other European countries."
In this former communist country in January 1995. abolished the law that predviđala penalty of up to 10 years in prison "only because of the fact that someone is homosexual."
However, homosexuals are still victims of prejudice in Albania.
- Sharp we oppose the legislation - said "France Presse" Seljim Musa, official Muslim community in Albania.

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