Sunday, July 26, 2009

American businessman and media mag proneverio 475 million

One of the largest European banks, "chalk Svis" filed in the New York Supreme Court action against Robert FX Silermana, American billionaire and media maga. He ciriškoj in the bank two years ago digao credit of 475 million dollars for the project megalomanski opening of the hotel dedicated to the thematic Elvis Prisliju.

The project has not been realized, accurately or not started, and all that is Silerman done so far is to purchase seven hectares of land on the Strip, elitnoj Avenue in Las Vegas. Everything else in the project remained only on paper - a complex of three thousand rooms, casino, concert hall and other facilities does not start, why are the Heads of "chalk Svisa" lost their nerves and decided to regain their Silermana of 475 million dollars .

Silerman is primarily a media magnate who was the nineties started to buy a number of radio stations and after a few years sold them for four billion dollars. Then he started to organize a concert spectacles, and is a manager with numerous stars, among which is the basketball player Michael Jordan. The greatest job in the career hit when he became the owner of the license for rijaliti show "American Idol", which is sold in 100 countries. In the last fifteen years and founded the company sold a few, in which, together with its shareholders, earned great wealth.
All jobs media Silermanu went great for him to say all that touches turns to gold, but at the time when real estate turned, happiness left him. Purchased petospratnicu in Manhattan, on the roof of a swimming pool, and overlaid the house of the bullet-resistant glass, and all the credit to pay 23 million dollars. The house was bought a year after it has work with "chalk Svisom.

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