Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rasmusen new NATO Secretary General

Former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fog Rasmusen take on the function of the Secretary General of NATO JAP de Hop Shefera, which browed Western military alliances leaving after five and a half years. Downloading functions of JAP de Hop Shefera, which is at the scene of NATO Secretary General spent five and a half years, Danish politician Anders Fog Rasmusen naslediće many open questions, such as those that go through the Alliance and if you want to play the role of "world policeman".

It should be placed on the adoption of a new strategy paper for the Alliance, which will, as announced, will be adopted at the Summit in Lisbon, in October next year.

It is expected that the document will be defined by the main security challenges of the Alliance, including relations with Russia, as well as clarified the issue of balance of forces and troops defanzivnih that will go in the side missions, and the question of the need for forces ready to respond to the challenges of this century.

Rasmusen is the head of the Alliance at the time will have to be adapted to the new security situation in order to retain their importance in the 21st century.

Waiting it an easy job, in the first place - the NATO mission in Afghanistan, which so far has not given satisfactory results. In Afghanistan last year of the security situation has worsened considerably and become more dangerous, and until now relatively peaceful parts of the country.

Among the open issues and relations with Russia in the Russia-NATO Council.

It is expected that one of the Rasmusenovih priority will be improving relations with Moscow, after the cold that followed the last war in South Ossetia.

Before the new head of NATO and the enlargement of the Alliance to challenge the former Soviet republics Ukraine and Georgia, which Moscow strongly opposes. For now, in order to preserve relations with Russia, NATO does not plan to invite the two countries in their lines, but states that membership is possible for those countries that meet the standards of the Alliance.

Rasmusena choice for NATO Secretary General tekao is not without problems, primarily due to the attitude of Turkey to the Prime Minister of Denmark is not set correctly at the time of publication pogrdnih the Prophet Muhammad caricatures in the country, which some accused him that "the enemy of Islam."

Rexhep Tajip Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is opposed to the last hours Rasmusena choice for Secretary General of NATO, but Ankara, under pressure from Washington, in the end gave his consent.

Rasmusen was born in 1953. and the government as prime minister of Denmark has held since 2001. year.

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