Monday, August 24, 2009

Kalinic has no power to demolish Dodik

Banja Luka - The last decision of the High Representative in BiH Valentin Inzko to abolish sanctions for former SDS leader Dragan Kalinic, Sava crowns, Job Kosmajca and Nemanja Vasic not much shake in the Serbian political scene, nor can significantly weaken the power of the SNSD leader Milorad Dodik, political analysts assess .

However, although the decision Inckovu RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik received the words that Kalinic "political disability and worn politician who can not harm the RS, the SDS of the rehabilitation staff again raised speculation that they were offered back to the OHR's political scene under the condition that actively involved in the demolition, "Dodik.
- It is certain that returning to the political scene of people who have marked the past 20 years to strengthen the opposition, but the opposition can not have such power to significantly threaten. In other words, a few thousand votes that may be able to "recapture" will not cause major upheavals. The space that could be rehabilitated cadres have been busy busy SNSD OM and Dodik, which has long been assumed, and their political vocabulary, but the whole concept - assesses political analyst Slavo Kukic. He notes that the positive reaction to the return Kalinic, which came from the SDA, in fact, calculations to be so weakened Dodik, who has the ability to create processes in BiH.
According to him, the power of the OHR was never questionable, Bonn powers were available to more, but the political atmosphere in the RS is such that the power of the High Representative may not materialize. He recalls that the same OHR Dodik and brought to power, but such calculations today, bringing the scene and personnel of the SDS, there is not nearly the same effect.
Agrees with him and a political analyst Tanja Topic, which says that for a long time there is dissatisfaction in international circles, those in what is grown and the SNSD, Milorad Dodik, who was their darling. She adds that Inzko chose this moment because it stays enough time to prepare the political scene for the elections next year, and believes that all personnel be removed rehabilitated.
Although most political parties welcomed the abolition of the decision of the then High Representative Paddy Ashdown 2004th in this case four, Topic says that it is a very cautious reaction, even from the SDS.
- We have a very cautious response and the fear of what will bring back Kalinic. I think that to not look favorably upon any of the current structures of the SDS. The question is whether they are a danger or threat to the current leadership of the SDS - says Topic.
Remember, most political parties welcomed the decision Inckovu, and the SDS were ordered to expect the same decision and for the rest of SDS members who were dismissed from their functions. SDS leader Mladen Bosic said that if sanctions are not lifted all at the same time, it was then "attempted political game that throws light on the bad intentions of individuals from the OHR, and their domestic helpers and whistleblowers."
PDP President Mladen Ivanic Inckovu welcomed the decision and said that it is not surprising because the long announces that the OHR, as it is to be bližio end of term, abolish sanctions previously imposed high representatives. From SDA were ordered to understand this decision as "political refreshments, and the Foundation" Truth, justice, reconciliation, "sent a letter to the High Representative in which he warns that the decision on the abolition of sanctions Kalinic, denounced and reformed nationalist Chetniks, could be understood as a victory for the concept of Radovan Karadzic. "
Paddy Ashdown was in June 2004. Kalinic was dismissed, then President of RS National Assembly and leader of the SDS, and 58 more officers in the RS. Nemanja Vasic was dismissed from office by the then Director of the Directorate of Roads RS, Savo Krunic the position of director "Serbian forests, while Jovo Kosmajac removed from office by the Director of the Fund PIO.

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